Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Knitting WIPs Inventory

In January I decided that once I finished Leaflines I would clean the sewing room.  This room often serves as a drop off point for things that have no place to go and I am terrible about cleaning up after myself.  I'll spare you a pic, trust me it was bad. While completing the archaeological dig I unearthed a few more WIPs (works in progress for my non-knitting friends).  I really think this is all of them unless there are a couple in the cedar chest.  This is only my knitting.  I don't have the heart to do the ones from quilting or even my aunt's.

This is the Easiest Shawl Ever pattern. Cast on three stitches.  Knit 1, yo, knit til 1 stitch remains, yo, knit 1.  Repeat endlessly.  I'm using Lion Brand Homespun, it's destined for charity.  

This  is the Maze and Chevron hat.  I started this a couple of years ago and while I still love it, I'll probably frog it.  I now wear my hair natural (in fact all the women on my side of the family do), so it's not going to fit. I'm using Encore by Plymouth in two different color ways.

This is a mystery shawl.  I downloaded all the clues and would love to finish this one.  I'm gifting it to DD #1.  The yarn is from a thrift shop sweater I unraveled and dyed using Easter Egg dye. Fiber content is a silk wool blend and in heavenly to work with.

Forest Canopy shawl.  It's for DD#2.  Her birthday is in October. My daughters' birthdays are six weeks apart to the day, however they were born 7 years apart.  I bought this yarn at MDSW and bought it solely because the designer and my oldest daughter have the same first name.  I would gift this to her, but the color choices are more DD#2s.

Fake-a-Gamo.  This is oldest and closest to being finished.  I couldn't figure out what to do about handles.  I think I've figured it out.  It also needs to be lined, hence the dig. The yarn is Pima Cotton by Cascade. 

I almost didn't include this one as I just started this one.  It's made from my handspun and will be for my mother.  The pattern is the BLT shawl.   
I'd completely forgotten this one.  It was going to be a hat. It's going to be frogged.  Too much hair. It's the same yarn as the purse, but I hadn't planned on wearing them together.

Finishing them will also return needles to their spots. The Mystery shawl is on a pair of Karbonz I'd forgotten.  I love these needles and am tempted to buy a set of their interchangeables.  

I know lots of people have loads more than these.  Keep in mind these are knitting WIPS only.  There are some from quilting and counted cross stitch as well as those I inherited from my aunt.  I've got a big birthday coming up this year and it's really beginning to hit home I've more years behind me than I do in front.  If I don't clean up some of this mess my daughters are going to curse me from my grave! 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is it for the month.  I've worked on this for just over a month.  It's not difficult it just requires the utmost concentration.  I usually stitch listening/watching TV.  The trick to this pattern is pay attention and if you think you've made a mistake stop and correct it then. Don't do as I did and try to correct it on the fly.  Some mistakes can be corrected, but stitch counts aren't one of them.  It's a well written pattern, the increases and decreases are ingenious.  The designer is an engineer and it shows in this pattern. I not sure I'm pleased with the beads, they don't appear to be sparkly enough, but I'm not redoing them. Details are on my Ravelry page.  The pic makes it appear more pink.  In reality in a deep burgundy.  This is sample for the shop, so I don't get to wear it for a while.  I may gift it, we'll see.


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Monday, February 24, 2014

February Finished Object!

     I warned you output this month would be low!

     When my mother was here, she showed interest in my spinning. Not learning how to do it, mind you, she was just interested in the process.  A friend gifted me several bits of roving when she decided spinning was not for her.  I started this to show Mama how.  I didn't participate in Ravellenics this year, but decided to challenge myself to finish during the games.  I finished Saturday night. There was no label, but it is wool and finished at about 230 yards fingering weight.  I'll probably make a narrow scarf or cowl for Mama. I know I shouldn't but I get such a thrill out of seeing my finished yarn!

      On a different note -  last night I was flipping through the channels and stumbled across "American Artifacts" on CSpan3.  The topic was the Baltimore Garment Industry and I found it quite interesting. Having grown up in Baltimore, I knew some of it, but some was new to me.  It was filmed at the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the docent worked in the garment district.  He had several anecdotes to share including the reason workers carried lunch pails instead of bags - the rats were so numerous that they'd carry off the bags before the workers could eat their lunches!  Baltimore has just lost its last retail store from that era, so this was really a glimpse of times past.

     Did you know that  Baltimore was once the world's largest producer of hats?  Or umbrellas?

       If you're interested in seeing it, it will be re-aired on Saturday morning at 10.  It's also in the archives at cspan.org. 

     That's all from this side of the screen.



Sunday, February 16, 2014


From the Rav group:

knitCompanion is designed to turn your library of PDF patterns into highly interactive knitting instructions!  Its patented^ knitter inspired design enables you to interact with your patterns like never before.  For the first time, you will be able to easily use the patterns in your PDF library directly in electronic form. No more flipping pages to find your key or knit a larger chart. You get reminders as you move along your rows, so those pesky “at the same time” instructions appear right when you need them. Supports advanced capabilities for charts and written instructions including row markers, stitch markers, highlighting, and much more!

Currently the product is only available for Apple users, but the developer is trying to develop an Android version and is using Kick Starter to fund it. The campaign ends tomorrow morning.

I don't have any affiliation with the company or the app and won't receive anything in exchange for this post.  BUT, I really want to see this app for Android.  Several friends have this app and love it and I love what they can do with it.  As of now there is no app for Android users that comes close to what this app can do. 

So, if you get a moment please check out the Rav group and if you think you might be interested, please consider contributing to the Kickstarter.

That's all from this side of the screen!



Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day Update

We've got 18" in front.  I haven't ventured out back to measure, but there's at least that much on the deck.  DH has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and I've got neck and back issues so it's going to be a while before it's gone. 



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