Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Ply Magazine is giving away a copy of its next issue in an effort to attract subscribers.  The offer is only open to non-subscribers.  Ply is a magazine for spinners and each issue is devoted to a singe aspect.  Info is here.

Namaste, the  company that makes great knitting bags and accessories is going out of business. Everything on line is at least 25% off.

Other than being a satisfied customer, I have no affiliation with either of these companies. Have fun!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What's Going On In My Neck of the Woods

Thanks for all the comments on my FOs.

Tanya, here's the link for the booties. Clicking the link should take you right there. If not, they're Baby Booties by Princess X on Ravelry. Hope your foot is healing and that you'll soon be doing all the things you love!

Araignee, there will be no one here to finish anything I leave behind.  It will either go to Goodwill or the dump.  I'm working hard to use as many of my things as I can. I pull out my crystal and china, just because.  I'm also working to use my stash.  My goal is to have nothing on hand but what I'm currently working on.  You've all seen the size of my stashes, so I've got a way to go!

I'm working on this sweater for my granddaughter.  It's from the Fall 2010 Interweave Knits.  I started working on it last fall and am just getting around to finishing it.  It's the most challenging thing I've knit so far,  I've done lots of my own charts and notes just to keep track of the pattern. The most challenging part has been the construction of the shoulder seams.  The pattern is a nice one and I'm surprised more people haven't knit it.  The only thing I'm not really loving is the yarn.  I'm using Kraemers' Perfection in a worsted weight.  I should have given more thought to the yarn. I don't like the hand of it in this pattern.  The pattern calls for a worsted merino linen blend, while I'm using acrylic merino blend.  DGD has it without sleeves so I can see (pics from DH) how it fits.

My middle sister came over last week.  She wanted new covers for her front porch cushions.  Her DH got an estimate of $900 to to cover them. She ordered some from Overstock ($300) that she didn't like.  Our mother suggested that she buy the fabric and find someone to make them for her.  She said if I could help her cut them out;  she'd find someone to sew them.  I said if you're coming here to cut them you can sew them! My sisters always act as if they've never sewn in their lives! She did a beautiful job, for a fraction of the price (just under $100). Now she wants to do cushions for the sun room and curtains for her living room as well. I think I may have created a monster!



Friday, May 1, 2015

FOs - Last ones for a while!

There were a couple of hats and a pair of fingerless gloves:

I also finished this.  It was one of my great-aunt's UFOs that I inherited.  I've been working on getting it completed for years and it was one of the UFOs I'd hope to get completed last year.  There were 120 blocks originally.  I sewed them into block of 4 then seamed them.  I see why it she didn't finish it.  The thread was from several dye lots, but now that it's completed it's not that bad.  The only regret I have is that I don't have enough thread to do a border,  When I can get out and about I'll look, but for now, I'm calling it done.  I'm going to use it as a topper in the guest room, but it could also be used as a tablecloth.  If I decorated for spring, I'd use it with white placemats and my thrifted green luncheon dishes.

And that's it folks!  Until I gathered items for these posts, I didn't realize I'd gotten so much accomplished.  No wonder I was so exhausted!  Of course I've got lots more on the needles and hooks.  The machine will have to wait until I can negotiate the steps.

If you're going to Maryland Sheep and Wool, have fun!  Be sure and post to your blogs so I can enjoy it vicariously.



Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finished Objects 2 - Pic Heavy

I saw this free shawl pattern in two shops in Myrtle Beach a couple of summers ago. One shop is gone, but Knit N' Purl is still going strong.  If I lived there it would be my LYS.  I don't know that there's a name.  The yarn is Hibiscus and I think I bought it at Lovely Yarns.  This is a great pattern to showcase a spectacular yarn.

I've never had time to block this shawl.  I've worn it almost every day since I finished it.  It's Sundry and the yarn label is downstairs.  This yarn never even made it into the stash.  I bought it on our last trip to Myrtle Beach with this project in mind.  The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn but this is lace weight yarn therefore, it's smaller than the original pattern.  I absolutely love this shawl.  It's lightweight but incredibly warm and is just perfect for those days when the house is just a little chilly but not chilly enough for the furnace or a fire. I'm already planning to make another one.

These are both asymmetrical shawls and I love them.  These are so easy to wear. I haven't worn Sundry outside of the house, but every time I wear the creamy pink one, I get loads of compliments.

One of my goals this year is to learn to use my knitting machine.  After a lot and I do mean a lot of practice, tears and utter frustration I was able to make these.  Our church has started a hat mission for the homeless and that's where these are headed.  You machine knit a blank, gather both ends and seam, leaving a small opening to turn them inside out.  It takes about an hour to make a blank and about 45 minutes to finish.  There is a steep learning curve for machine knitting and people in the MK group on Ravelry are making wonderful items. 

One thing I've found out being home is that my concentration is shot. Pain pills make me sleep and the pain makes me cranky, irritable and unable to think.  I made up a list of things I wanted to get done but since I can't concentrate, I've been sticking to simple things.  I completed the hats since I've been home.  As well as this one.  It was a one size fits all from Lion Brand, but I don't know of an adult with a head small enough to fit this one.  It's also destined for the charity bin,

For baby #2, I made these booties.  They are the cutest things I've seen in a long time and I
am finally glad to be able make these for a baby girl.  There's also a dress but because of the aforementioned brain fog is incomplete.  

One more post and that will be it for FOs!



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished Objects - Pic Heavy

I think this is most of the things I finished while I was away from blogging.  I started this post and realized there were so many photos so there will be at least one more post.

We've had a couple of babies in the family since I've been away.  I made the owl blanket for the first one.  He was born in November and it was sooo cold. He was a tiny little thing and was way too small for his smallest snowsuit.  Aunt Mel and her sewing machines to the rescue.  This pattern is out of print and I'll have to link it later, since I'm upstairs and forbidden by Himself to go downstairs if he's not home.  I also made a little hat to go with the snowsuit.  Fabric is from JoAnn's.  Pattern and all notions from my stash.  Hat is here.

My mother was visiting in November and fell in love with my Holden, so I gave it to her.  My three sisters also wanted shawls.  In retrospect I think they probably wanted Holdens, but as slow as I knit they still wouldn't have them as the pattern uses fingering weight yarn.  All yarn is from stash and if they hadn't been given away, I'd wear any of them in a heartbeat.   LaLa's Simple Shawl, Gallatin and Lonely Tree Shawl respectively.

These were both shop samples and both classes did go!  The blue and gray top(Three Season Top) is from  Berocco Vintage; the cream (Ada) is from Severn by The Knitting Boutique.

At shop we get several requests for Crochet Block of the Month Clubs. We ask for suggestions for blocks, but we get the same response, "I just want to learn new stitches."  These blocks were for that series.  These are from various stitch dictionaries.

In January I was asked to teach a beginning knitting class at a local sewing school.  I didn't have any samples.  In the first class we made the dish/face cloth.  In the second class we learned to cast on and in each succeeding class we added a new stitch pattern.  The hat was an extra pattern in case we finished early (we didn't) or the students were motivated to work on their own (they were).

That's it for now!!



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