Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman of 'Sewing With Nancy' dies at 64 after battle with cancer

Nancy Zieman, longtime host of Wisconsin Public Television's "Sewing With Nancy," died Tuesday at her home in Beaver Dam after a long battle with cancer. She was 64. 
According to Wisconsin Public Television, "Sewing With Nancy" was the longest-running sewing series on TV, going on the air in 1982. Hundreds of hours of episodes are still available online at wpt.org/SewingWithNancy. 
Zieman also was the founder of Nancy's Notions, a business that sold sewing books, DVDs, fabrics and more, and she helped develop Quilt Expo, an annual Madison event that drew more than 20,000 people. 
"Nancy was an entrepreneur, a talented television host, a dear friend to so many people at Wisconsin Public Television and a true Wisconsin treasure," Jon Miskowski, Wisconsin Public Television's director of television, said in a statement.
Zieman announced she was retiring in September, more than two years after she was diagnosed with osteoscaroma, a form of bone cancer. She continued doing the show, with help, for more than two years after the initial diagnosis.  
According to her retirement message on the Wisconsin Public Television website, the last episode she recorded was called "I Sew for Fun." 
Zieman is survived by her husband, Richard, their two sons, Ted and Tom, and her grandchildren. A private funeral service will be held.

Monday, November 21, 2016

What A Difference A Year Makes!!!!

This time last year, we were recovering from celebrating Thanksgiving at home.  There were 25 of us. Harold was so sick and believed that last year would be his last Thanksgiving. Fast forward 1 year! This could be his last Thanksgiving, but that's true of any of any of us.  He's much healthier and we are in Florida.  To God be the Glory!!

We'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here and it will be the first time in years that I don't have to cook. We had to use our timeshare week and this was the only week that worked, so here we are.

Harold and I wish you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello From the USVI!

No, I haven't moved, I am visiting my oldest daughter. We've been trying to plan this trip for quite a while, so when a window of oppotunity opened I jumped. I arrived Tuesday the 27th and will go home next Tuesday.
Not much has happened since I was here last. Just a whole lot of house work. It's been two years since I touched some areas so it was way overdue. The end is in sight and I couldn't be happier. No, the house isn't that big, but I've got to nurse a wonky neck and back. There's been a littlt crafting going on, but that will have to wait unti I'm home again.
Here are some pics from my first full day.

I found these two beauties this morning on a walk around the hotel. There are also lime, mango, pomegrante and soursop trees.

Usually when I go to the beach, I'm hard pressed to find one perfect shell, today I found three!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thanks so much!

I've always said crafters are the best and it's only been reinforced since the advent of Ravelry.  I've gotten to become blog friends with Araignee and if you're not already reading her blog, you really should be. She posts everyday and like the best blogs she lets you see a little bit of her world.  She is also quite prolific.  She gets a lot done!  

A little while ago she asked if her readers would like to sample her soaps.  This was actually a second offering and I absolutely loved the first one, so I said yes.  I wish you could smell the contents of this package. It smells divine.  This time she also included a lotion bar, I can't wait to try it!

She recently started card making and enclosed the cutest card.

Thanks Araignee, I love it all!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!

And don't let the door knob hit you on your way out! This has been our most challenging year health wise since 2007. That year, I had my kidney transplant (2 hospitalizations), my mother had  multi-bypass heart surgery and my father died. I've spent so much time in hospitals this year, I can tell you which day the cafeteria has the best food, the days the best nurse/tech teams work, where to get the best parking at any time of the day, and where the short cuts through the hospital are located.

On the up side I did get more knitting and crocheting done than I'd realized. I got 40 hats done for our church's hat ministry. My goal was to get one hat done for each week since we started. We started meeting in April and we turned them in December 1.

I knit 2 Sundry's. I rarely knit or crochet anything twice because there are so many patterns I want to make but this one is fun and addicting.  I'm seriously considering a third. I have a Zauberball in shades of black and grey that I'd like to combine with red or black.

I wrote my first crochet pattern for sale, although it's not published yet. I hope to release it early next year.

I used my knitting machine to make 3 Rayures for my sisters for Christmas.  It's a fun pattern and takes very little time using the machine. All that stockinette by hand would have driven me crazy.  I used Michael's Loops and Threads Woolike. I love this yarn. It's size 1 with a generous 678 yards per skein. It an 85/15 acrylic-nylon blend and looks and feels like wool. It's also less than $3.00 per skein.  Each scarf uses very little yarn so I've got plans to make a few more.

I no longer work or teach at the shop and I miss it, but I doubt that in the near term life is going to ease up enough to allow me to return.

Tomorrow, I'll get pics up for this post.

Harold and I wish you a healthy Happy New Year!

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