Thursday, November 8, 2018

Machine Knitting Update

I've been working with this machine for a good part of the afternoon. It's the Incredible Sweater Machine that you can find in all the big box stores. It's a decent introduction to machine knitting at a really affordable price, especially with a coupon. VBG! There are people all over You Tube and the blogosphere doing great things with this machine. We  were getting along pretty well until it got stuck. I'm tired so I quit before it wound up in a heap at my feet.  These charity hats are more expensive as I knit them in two layers for our winter weather. With crochet I can normally get two individual hats.  I'm not sure the crochet ones are as warm, though. At almost $5 perhaps that's a big outlay. Anyway this is where I finished for today.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Charity Hat Update

Just 18 to go. The deadline is December 1 but I'm going to try to have them done by Tuesday. My hat mojo is gone and I'm struggling to finish. Add to it, I feel  guilty when I'm working on anything else.
Time to finish.



Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Adventure - Part 3

I am ever so glad I made a muslin!! This coat is huge! The pattern does say it's generously sized and it is.

I can no longer make a pattern right out of the envelope.  I take the upper bust measurement and use that number to determine my size. Using this measurement results in a better fit through the neck and shoulders. Then you make adjustments from there. The first fitting was so large I looked like I was wearing my mother's clothes.  Since it's white, it also looks like a baptismal robe. Harold joked that with piping it would make a nice minister's robe.

Problems:  the sleeve seams are falling off my shoulders
                   the neckline is too big
                   in general, it's just too big

I pondered how to fix it during dinner and finally decided to just take the fullness out of the center back seam. Typically you would evenly divide the fullness between all the seams. The front does not have princess seams. Even if it did, I would have to redo the neckline on all the pieces. While the back does have princess seaming and  I could have divided among those seams but once again I'd be messing with too much of the neckline. The back also has cut on sleeves and that was a nightmare I didn't even want to contemplate. In the end I took 1 1/2 inches total off the entire back center seam. The sleeves seams are still a fraction too big, but I can live with it. I'll just have to remember to also take that 1 1/2 inches from the collar, the back facing and the lining.  In general the coat just looks better. I also think that when the lining and shoulder pads are added, that will take up some more of the room.

I am wearing a jacket under this as I normally wear a suit to church. Tomorrow I'll add shoulder pads and see what that does to the fit.  If you look closely at the back, you'll see drag lines at the underarms. I'll have to do a high rounded back adjustment and that will fix that problem. The shoulder pads will also help.

Sewing this muslin was a nightmare and it was operator error.  I cut the side front wrong twice! I normally don't transfer a lot of markings to the muslin and in this case that was a big mistake.  When I get ready to cut the fashion fabric pieces I'll transfer all the markings with tailor tacks in different colors.



Monday, November 5, 2018

The Adventure - Part 2

I cut the muslin for the coat cut.  Tomorrow I'll do the markings and hopefully get it sewn for the first test fit. Almost forgot to add the 2" to the side seams, but remembered in the nick, and I do mean nick, of time.  The back pattern piece is configured differently from any other pattern I've seen. For most of the pattern piece the largest size wasn't the outermost line. Strange.



Sunday, November 4, 2018


I loved this sweater the first time I saw it. I started it on vacation in Virginia Beach the week after Labor Day this year. Despite everything I've made pretty good progress on it. Being on vacation, not having to drive and an emergency trip to New York helped.  I'm so close, but so far away. I just need to get these sleeves done.  I'm knitting them concurrently on 16" size 7, Addi circular needles. One sleeve is almost an inch narrower than the other.  On the other one my gauge changed noticeably the last 3 - 4 inches. I really shouldn't complain, this is only my second time to the frog pond on this sweater. Grrr, it's getting cold and I want to wear it!!!
  Here's a question for you - why do I have 5 pair of size 16" size 7 circs" They're all Addis!!!



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