Monday, May 17, 2021

So I Did a Thing!

 I’ve wanted a long arm for quite a while. But aside from the cost, space was as issue. We are empty nesters in what was advertised as a 5 bedroom house. We’ve since completed the lower level into a mostly unused media room. But Harold really wanted to keep it and, honestly when we use it, we use it.

 There are four bedrooms upstairs and with the exception of ours they are 10 x 10 (2) and 9 x 11. A long arm wouldn’t fit.  A couple of years ago, I turned the smallest into a yarn room, because between working in two yarns shop and living 20 minutes away from Maryland Sheep and Wool, I’ve accumulated enough yarn, fiber and fleece that I’m beyond SABLE. Since the early days in this house, Harold claimed the smallest downstairs (9 x 14)  room as his office and I use the larger room (12 x 14) as my sewing room. There’s a small foyer downstairs that serves as a library.

 Harold had long suggested getting a RV and converting it into a space that I could use for everything or even getting a shed and finishing it. Two problems, the cost and I didn’t like the idea of going outside in the winter or having to run inside to go to the bathroom. Fast forward to last summer. One day we stopped at a place that sold sheds and had an honest discussion of the costs on the way home. Wow! It’s not the just the shed, it’s finishing it out, adding electricity and connecting it to the house. Then where to put it? While our yard is a decent size, it’s not level, but slopes uphill. I like my neighbors, but I don’t think any of them would want a 20 x 32 shed within their line of site. 

 I suggested he move his office upstairs to the yarn room and I’d take over his office. We’d have to empty upstairs to do those renovations, so it was an ideal time to make the transfer. Also, it made/makes more sense to put improvements inside rather than putting that money into another building outside. 

 I now have 3 spaces including the foyer. I knew I’d be buying used. Fiber equipment of any kind tends to retain its functionality for years and people tend to upgrade frequently. I’ve been looking for a machine for years and saw this before we started renos,  but wanted to wait until they were complete because, you know, overruns. We picked it up Saturday and I can’t wait until it’s up.We still need to do some work downstairs, but I think I’m going to set it up in the sewing room instead of Harolds old office as originally planned.n It’s a 2008 APQS Lenin’s with a 20” throat and a 10’ table. It came equipped with a laser, needle up and down and rear handles. If I decide to, I’ll be able to add a computerized function later. I’ll only be doing my quilts so I may not. This is the seller’s pic.

Friday, April 30, 2021

All Over but the Shouting!

 With the exception of a few minor things our renovation is complete! And I couldn’t be happier. I feel as if we have a new house! I had such angst over this project. The cabinets, the floors the countertops, but it all came together in the end. Harold says, I need to trust my instincts but I’m always afraid of messing up big time. This is the second time we’ve used Faust Contracting, Inc and it won’t be the last! If you need home remodeling, don’t hesitate to call him, you won’t be disappointed!

The before:

The after

Now to decorate and purge! I keep telling Harold we should stay in the basement and just keep upstairs for show,



Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Da Floors!

 We went upstairs today for the first time since the floors have been completed. They are beautiful! I’m about to become house-proud and that’s something to which I’ve never aspired! I finally understand why people have a no shoes in the house policy. You can barely tell where he joined in the new floor, it’s that good. Pics:

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Goal Met!

 Two plates and their associated paths are done! If I can keep it up...

Floors are done. Waiting for them to completely drive before more pics.

Have a good one!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Mama Would Be also Proud!

 The contractor is working at quickly and we love what he’s done so far. I’m getting anxious to see the end and it’s just been two weeks. Another 2 weeks should see him done and then my real work begins. I’d really like to reduce the amount of stuff by at least a third and it’s not going to be easy as we both like to hold onto things. 

The title refers to this:

The floor guys have started. I can’t see what they’ve done from this angle. Went around back and snapped this from the dining room window:

Harold suggested no stain. And we love them!!! There are a couple of stains , but the floors are almost 50 years old and I can live with that. 

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