Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Left Foot

No, not the Daniel Day Lewis movie, but what’s going on with me. I also get to sport the oh so chic blue boot. I’ll get the final diagnosis on Monday, but the docs are pretty sure I’ve broken a small bone in it. It has been a mixed blessing tho. I’ve been working from home the past 2 weeks. No one knows what you’re wearing. You’d think I’d be able to get something done, but they actually expect me to work. And truth be told, I work much harder at home so I don’t give the impression that I’m goofing off. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get an awful lot of fun stuff done. We had a cook-out on the 4th and needed the extra table from my sewing room. Now it needs to be put back together. Note to self: buy new table. Since I can’t stand on it long, fittings at Blondells are out. I’ve been doing some knitting, but I’ve spent more time in the frog pond than actually getting anything finished. I’m working on DHs Christmas gift or birthday gift (Jan 25). I found some Bernat worsted at JoAnn’s on sale. We both like the color and I really thought it would work. I can’t afford to (nor do I want to) be a yarn snob, but I can’t get this yarn to work. I was able to get gauge, but hated the fabric it produced. So I went up a couple of needle sizes and I still don’t like it. I may use this yarn for a bomber jacket that I saw in my pattern stash. I think I saw a yarn that will work at Cloverhill, the local yarn shop (LYS). It’s also less expensive than a similar yarn on line. We’ll see, but I need to get cracking. The list of thing I need to get made is growing rapidly and I’ve only got 2 hands. And I still need clothes. At some point I’ll be going back to the office and I can’t work en dishabille!
Here’s a picture of GD#1s sweater. It’s knit using Plymouth Encore yarn and Michele Weyman’s Classic Beginnings Seamless Raglan Cardigan for babies and kids. It’s one of those basic patterns written for almost any gauge yarn and has lots of room for improvisation. And no, that’s not a mistake. One arm is supposed to be shorter than the other. This was really the reason I began knitting. I was tired of seeing her with her sleeve rolled up. Woven items can be altered but not so knits, or at least not easily.



Lamont said...

Get well soon. I love you blog.

Lamont Blake

Marji said...

So sorry that you're out of commission for awhile, at least as far as anything on your feet.
Heal fast.
That's a great sweater for your dgd.
What pattern are you going to be making for your dh?