Friday, October 31, 2008


I refuse to title this post, "I'm back" because I really haven't been anywhere. I just posted several posts that were saved as drafts as I waited to get the pictures to go with them. But due to the ever present "techincal difficulties" there will be no pictures for a while. I have 2 digital cameras, both are broken. I just sent several pics from my cell phone to the desk top. I can't find the cable to transfer the pictures and DH hasn't put email on this machine yet. But to be fair, he has been incredibly busy and if I kept asking him, he 'd do it, but I hate to nag.

As for the foot, I've been upgraded to tennis shoes. The cam walker was an improvement over the cast, but it was still heavy and awkward. The doc hasn't completely ruled out heels, so my sister that's salivating over my shoe collection will just have to wait.

My mother's visiting from South Carolina and will be staying with me after she visits with 2 of my other sisters. I had to clean the closet in the guest room. I've decided not to buy or make any new clothes until the weight comes off. Two closetsful of clothes that don't fit are two too many. I've joined Weight Watchers as I was having no success on my own. I'm off to a good start, but don't fool myself that each week is going to be as good as this one. I'm going to take my church members at their word that no one remembers what you wear each week. I've got 4 suits that fit and I'm going to wear the heck out of them. I think I've fot enough pieces for work that I can piece together and be presentable. I also have 3 pairs of pants that I'd already cut out, so once I get those finished that's it.

I'm still knitting. I finished my sisters, Lillith tank. That took forever. I think it's because it was the second one, but it's finished and blocked. I'm late for her bithday, but early for Christmas. She didn't know she was getting it, so she'll be surprised.

The beaded scarf for my mother was supposed to be next , but it's been put aside while I work on Lu. I'd like to wear it to Stitches next week. It's going fast, so we'll see. Anyone else goiing?

DHs Cobblestone Pullover hasn't been restarted yet. It's now officially for his birthday in January. I love flexible deadlines. DG loved her sweater, but it's way too large. I'll measure her next time and not take any one's word for what size to make. I wanted it to fit, not have room for her to grow into it. When I'm knitting in cashmere for her, then I'll make it way too large. With Plymouth Encore, she can afford to have custom made sweaters. I do have one picture. DH saved it to a CD to give to the DGs mom.

I made a rookie mistake buying yarn this week. I misread the yarn requirements for Lu. I still think I can read without my glasses and it ain't happening. I needed 250 grams of yarn, not 250 yards! There's no more of the original yarn to be had in time. If any ever sees me out trying to read without my glasses, please, please, please stop me

Oh, yeah, DSD knows about the picture on the blog. I checked first, but from now on they' will most likely be headless!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Funny, funny. Mel, you can count on me to stop you if I ever see you trying to read or anything like that without your glasses. I love the shrug and the tank top. I'm happy to hear that you will be wearing heels soon.

Sheila said...

LoL @ I still think I can read without my glasses and it ain't happening. Great sweater.