Sunday, January 4, 2009


I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases and that your New Year is happy, healthy and prosperous!

I started this blog in reaction to walking into my studio. I have everything anyone could want and yet I wasn't doing anything. It was really a waste and poor stewardship to the nth degree. One day I'll list my machines and show pictures of my studio (I'll have to clean it first. I'm not brave enough to show it in it's current state!)

So to recap 2008. I made: 2 Sandra Betzina tops; 1 pair of pants that are on their way to becoming a "tried and true" pattern; 1 tea bag carrier; 4 bow knot neckwarmers; 6 dishclothes; 2 Lilith tank tops; 1 sweater for DGD; 1 beaded scarf;
1 sweater for DH (Yep, I'm counting it. Even if I did frog it since it didn't fit!!);
1 Lu

So while I'm not going to win any prizes for quantity, I did complete more items this year than last.

So dear readers, this blog is serving it's purpose. It's a prod to keep me working. Your comments help and cheer me more than you know. I read and reread them all and I'm grateful you stop by.

I started this year in the studio with my mother and sister. They were using my press to iron DS' curtains. I made a topper for a small window in DS' family room. It was a quick project, less than an hour. I just realized I forgot to take pictures. The fabric came from the stash so no cost. Just that little bit was enough to get me charged and ready to sew.

I'm working on two pair of pants I cut out before the no more new clothes pledge. The weight is coming off, albeit slowly, and I'm shopping in my closet. If only it would come off as quickly as it went on (sigh).

I didn't get all my Christmas gifts completed,so after the pants, I'll move on to those.

Here are pictures of the two gifts I did complete.

This is a pattern I got from She modified another pattern. It's made using half a ball of SeaSilk and is really easy. It was the first time I knit using beads. It's my mother's and she likes it. Since we all know I'm slow, it took me close to 6 weeks, but those of you that are faster will need a lot less time. This yarn is almost like crochet thread, but it calls for a sport weight yarn which would also make it knit faster.

This is a blatant copy. I saw it on a blog (I don't remember which). I later saw it on Etsy for $10. It was probably worth it, but I'm not paying it. I'm not selling them or the pattern so hopefully that will satisfy the copyright police. Once again everything was from the stash, so no cost. I learned something with this one also. After I finished it, I steamed it using the iron and applied pressure using my sleeve board. It gave the finished item a polished look. I'll have to remember it for future projects.It's for a coworker from another office, who drinks tea. Whenever she visits she looks for a tea bag. Hopefully she'll like it.


Sheila said...

Happy New Year!

Faye Lewis said...

In case I didn't say thanks yet - THANK YOU!