Monday, June 29, 2009

Muslin Number 5

Two posts in two days. Ya know I'm up to something. Tee commented that the upper back looked two wide. I was originally going to pitch this pattern and work with one that had a wider size range. I have 8 shoe boxes of patterns. Not one sheath pattern included both 10 and 14-16 in the same envelope. Of course I hadn't thrown out the changes from yesterday so I went to work. Using Singer's "The Perfect Fit", I made the alteration on page 85 for a narrow back. When this all over, I'm going to post a copy of the original pattern and compare it to my altered one. There's quite a difference between the two. Anyway here are today's changes. The back looks better, but it still needs work. I think I need to remove more from the width and then work on the side seams. Unfortunately, I probably won't get back to them before the weekend. There's a three day weekend, but holiday stuff will intervene. I'm not posting the front. I have on a different bra and the front looks different today. Bras really do make a difference! Onto muslin no. 6.

NOTE: Yesterday's alterations also came from the Singer Book.


Trudy Callan said...

You have an awesome blog. Looks like the fit on this top is coming along nicely.

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Scheherazaad said...

You go girl! Thanks for sharing your progress. I wish my students had your persistence, but they are all teenagers and mostly want instant gratification. i can't imagine them making it to muslin number 6.