Friday, July 24, 2009


There’s nothing going on. It’s so busy, I’m about to lose my mind. Those two statements reveal how schizoid my life is right now. There’s absolutely nothing to show for this post.

Sewing – I’m still working on the muslin. I haven’t gotten back to do any more fitting, but it’s on my mind a good deal of the time. I can’t figure out how to adjust the bodice. Heck I can’t even figure out how to describe the problem. I originally added a dart to the side, but that changed the armhole. Bad move, I then have to adjust the sleeve cap. I decided to rotate the dart to the shoulder, but the dart is so huge it changes the top almost into a princess seamed top which I didn’t particularly want. Too, the darts in the side front are offside. Most dress darts are in the dress in some relation to the bust. The front side darts in this one are almost pointing to the armhole. The ones in the back were strangely located too. I’ve been poring over my fitting books and haven’t found anything yet. I was reading Lisa’s blog and she mentioned Threads’ fitting series they ran over several issues. I’ll go pull those out and see if I can find anything. It maybe that I have to scrap this one and start over using another pattern. At one time that statement would have caused me to run screaming into the night. Now, I figure it was a learning experience and the experience was not wasted. It may just be a poorly drafted pattern.

Knitting – The two youngest daughters lost their scarves last winter and both asked for replacements. Now, I realize I should have offered to teach them. But silly me was so flattered they actually wanted to wear something I made, I agreed. I’m doing the Irish Hiking Scarf for one. When it’s finished, there’s a red scarf on the cover of an old Vogue Knitting that I’m going to make. This will be the extent of my holiday knitting this year!

Spinning – I rented a Schacht Ladybug. I was having so much trouble with my wheel, I decided a quick way to diagnose the problem would be to rent one and see what happened. I’m still over spinning, but I’m making yarn. There’s a spinning group that meets at the LYS, so I’ll take my wheel there and see if someone there can help. Why not buy the wheel I’m renting? It’s $600. Not in the budget right now.

Speaking of budgets, last Saturday I was cruising Craigslist. Bad move, it’s like going shopping when you have no money. I found a mint Singer 301 in a cabinet for $30. It was gone. I would have been all over it like white on rice. Yes, I have a 301, but not mint, not in a cabinet. Besides, I could have used another end table. (VBG)

I found not one, but two Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheels. $200 and $350 respectively. Sanity prevailed. Well that and two car repairs in the last month.

Then I found 2 looms. No, I don’t weave, but why should that stop me? Ever since I saw that yarn made from recycled saris, I’ve been obsessing over a shawl woven from those yarns. I also have no place to put it, unless I convert the Living Room to a studio. It could happen. That room just gathers dust, we use it so rarely.

Bathroom renovation- Cross your fingers, it’s supposed to start Monday. I’m tempted to say that if I’d known how difficult and time consuming it was going to be, I’d have never started. But it hasn’t been updated since the house was built in the ‘70’s. I’m talking avocado green fixtures. As much trouble as we’ve had, you think it was going to be something extravagant and over the top. Not. I didn’t have a good grasp on the entire process. And while the contractor comes highly recommended, he’s just starting to do jobs this size. I don’t remember my parents having this problem, but then my father and uncle did most of the work. Before we were married DH told me he was no Mr. Home and Garden. He’s does a great job, but this was beyond him. I should have paid more attention to HGTV!

Oh, ladies, please, how could my paltry stash make you feel better? I know at least one of you stores your stash off-site in a storage locker. (VVBG) It’s not even the whole closet. I’ve got other stuff at the top! And if you want to see stash, go look at Carolyn’s. Hers makes me feel better!



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