Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Titles are hard!

I assure you, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. I’m still here doing whatever it is that I do.

First though, thank you all for your comments on my dress. Still haven’t worn it tho and not for lack of trying. Lately, it seems that DH and I are rarely in the same place at the same time. He’s gotten into photography and has been working on weekends or babysitting. But, Miss Ginny, I promise I am going to make an occasion.

And for those of you who visited Colours, thank you so much. Thelma was tickled pink. I’m just sorry I missed you, maybe next time.

So what have I been up to? I believe I told you I ordered the Click N’ Sew software from Wild Ginger. I’m working on a sheath (sound familiar??). Once I get it finished I’ll do review of it and the software, but right now you’d just be looking at muslins gain.

The basement remodel is well under way. There’s been one major disappointment, but I’ll live. We’re looking at a mid-October finish, so DH will be able to watch the Ravens in style. Once it’s finished, there will be a major purge. I’ve been holding onto stuff for years waiting until the basement is finished.

I’ve been knitting. I finished the shawl for my friend; it just needs to be blocked. But I’ve got to find a space large enough to do it.

I’m also working on a baby sweater for friends from church. I’m using the sock yarn I bought from Colours. I’m not really in love with the yarn or the pattern and I’m not sure why. I’ve invested too much time to quit and I’ll be finished by the weekend. As I type this I think it may be because there’s nothing babyish about it. It looks like a miniature adult cardigan, not a baby sweater. Next I’ll make a vintage pattern that I made for my kids. I absolutely love it and have made it several times. If I have time, I’ll try to get one more done. When I drop them off, I’ll also drop off a meal. When I had my youngest, some friends dropped off a complete meal and it was the best gift.

AND, I’ve been spinning. I’m getting consistent singles and will begin plying once I get another bobbin full. I’m going to have to find patterns for all this yarn I’m spinning. I’m also considering another wheel. There’s a spinning group in Catonsville and I’d love to go, but this wheel isn’t portable. I work from home most Fridays so leaving it in a parked car isn’t an issue, but setting it up and taking it down is.

AND I bought a Singer 15-91. From the Craigslist post, I wasn’t sure of the model and said I’d only buy it if it was a 201. I was only fooling myself. The machine itself is gorgeous. The cabinet needed work and I didn’t feel like doing it so it went to the Salvation Army. These old machines are workhorses and virtually indestructible. It only does a straight stitch, but it’s a beautiful stitch. I’ve got the manual and accessories. These old machines speak to me in a way that newer ones don’t. I'm thinking of giving individual sewing lessons and this machine will be ideal. You can't mess it up!

I’m an amateur historian and women’s history is tied up in the machines we use, be it sewing machines or spinning wheels. There was work involved in the machines but it was so much less than doing it completely by hand. Think about this for a minute. Prior to machines, every item of clothing and household linen was made by hand. We know that there were domesticated sheep in ancient times. The sheep were shorn; the wool cleaned, carded and spun using a drop spindle and then woven manually. Think about the Nativity Scene. Mary, Joseph, Jesus, 3 Wise men and a couple of shepherds. Someone made each of those outfits from scratch, by hand. My head hurts thinking about it. It gives new meaning to the phrase, “woman’s work is never done”. I reread Proverbs 31 yesterday. A virtuous woman, indeed.



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cici said...

Hiya Melodye,, your right I had just missed you that saturday that we stopped into Colours. It was a joy to meet Thelma. I am sure that I will be back again. Next time I will give you the heads up so we can sit and knit together♥ You are a busy little crafter arn't you?? Take care