Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Quilts - Part 2

Ok, this is the last of them. At least those that have made it to the completed top stage. The only true UFOs I have are quilts. One day I’ll get brave enough to take stock.

This first one was made for DD#1 as a wedding gift. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t last. This almost a queen sized top. I think I’m going to send it out to have it machine quilted. I want feathers in the light sections and I’m not accomplished enough to do it, but I most definitely would be in the end. Now that the renos are complete, I’ll get my sewing room cleaned. I may have enough room to do it on a regular machine, but it’s going to be a bear.

This one belongs to DH because he said, “You haven’t made me a quilt.” When I saw the original pattern, it reminded me of piano keys, so… I titled, it “Harolds’ Melody”. This is huge, if I remember correctly it’s larger than king size! You’ve seen the size of my quilt fabric stash. With the exception of the music note border for this quilt all of the fabric for this one and DD#1s’ wedding quilt all the fabric came from my stash. The pictures you saw were taken after these were finished.

I graduated from college 29 ½ years after I finished high school. To celebrate I bought myself an embroidery machine. This quilt was made not too long after I bought the machine. When I got to the final border I ran out of fabric. Then I looked through my stash again. A co-worker cleaned out her stash and gave it to me. In her stash was the same fabric but a different dye lot. If you look close you can see the difference.

I don’t normally make wall quilts. I make quilts to be used and truthfully I don’t have a lot of wall space. But I have made these. This first one was from a pattern I saw years ago and thought I’d try. My machine piecing was atrocious, but I did finish it. The hexagonal one was from a group exchange. I’ve lost contact with those women, but whenever I see this quilt it brings warm memories.

So there you have it, my quilts. I’d really like to get these finished, but as I’ve said before I need an extra set of hands and a couple of extra days a week. I really do suffer from fiber ADHD. I’ve never been able to settle down to just one pursuit, but I’m having fun and no one’s ever gone hungry!

Oh DD#2 does have a quilt, but it's on her bed in her apartment and she's not giving it up! If I remember, I'll ask her to get a picture of it and I'll post it.



Towanda said...

Loving your quilts. I admire you because I don't have it in me to quilt.

Faye Lewis said...

Just sent you another email invite to the Month of Tops sew-a-long. You will have to respond to it in order to be able to post.

The Gingerbread House said...

My goodness you have quite a collection to show of quilts that you have made... I loved each one of them..I did some quilting when I was younger..and picked it up again when I moved to NC (10 yrs ago), then got busy with other crafts (spinning and weaving)..My daughter Valerie does different kinds of quilting..visit her sight on my side bar..she has works in a couple of the quilting magazines.

Sheila said...

Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous. I am so drooling over each and every one of them. Quilting is another craft I want to take up. I am a lover of all that is beautiful and your quilts are exactly that. The closest I've come to quilting is the purchase of several batches of fat quarters.

ladydi said...

Wow, I'm glad Miss Ginny mentioned your beautiful quilts. I love them all, but am especially impressed with the stars within hexagons.

Beverly said...

Love the quilts. Your family will have some wonderful heirlooms when they are finished.

alethia said...

Love your quilts. I am also a quilter. I make scraps quilts for my family and I own a large collection of quilt books and patterns. Now, if only I could find the time to sew and quilt.