Sunday, May 2, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Once again, I went, I saw, I shopped. It was hot, but I didn’t find it unbearably so. Of course, unbearably, means going home and not shopping! Like last year, I went both days. Harold went with me yesterday. I browsed yesterday morning only picking up drive wheel bands for my wheel, some mordants and plants for dying. Yesterday afternoon I volunteered in the T-shirt booth. Now, that was hot and my feel killed me, but it was fun nevertheless. I found out something yesterday, the proceeds from festival paraphernalia keep the festival free! So next year I’ll volunteer and buy something, too!

I didn’t see anyone I knew until Sunday morning (Hi, Annece!). I’ve seen on the boards that they attended so I have to assume they were there while I was doing my stint. I didn’t have trouble with traffic, parking or lines either day. Of course I avoided “The Fold”. There was a line out the door and down the walk at 9 yesterday morning! I also heard there was a line at Woolstock’s booth for the half off bags of yarn. She has them in her shop that’s about 30 minutes from me. I try to shop vendors that aren’t local and I don’t always go to the same ones. I’d like to go to “Tess’ Designer Yarns” but it’s always so crowded. And the prices aren’t marked! I hate asking and dislike surprises at the register.

I blew my budget. However, I remembered it"s my budget and I could get as creative as I wanted! How creative? Never you mind, it’s my budget! There did not seem to be as many bargains on Sunday this year. Last year I browsed on Saturday and shopped Sunday. But I just remembered there were rains of Biblical proportions last year. Two regrets: Tilli Thomas had raw silk down to $3 for 147 yard skeins. Today there were only 3 that I wanted. And in what had to be the dumbest move, there’s a vendor with coned yarn that had grey cotton yarn for $12 for what looked like a bazillion yards. Nope, left it as well and it was gone today. Oh well, there’s always next year and I do have website addresses!!

Ok, so here’s today’s’ haul. I’ve never bought so much at once. I tell myself that it was prompted by a major life change, but honestly I’d have bought it all anyway. See this space Tuesday for the announcement.

My first raw fleece. I intended to get it from the fleece sale, but these women were so friendly and willing to educate me. They talked with me a long time yesterday and I promised them I’d be back. Yesterday I thought I might buy two, but I still have the Shetland that Nancy gave me last year, that I’m still spinning.

Fibers for dying from Little Barn. His prices can’t be beat. I bought some plain wool, but also cotton and tussah silk. He had alpaca at $7.50 for 350 yards, but I can’t imagine wearing anything made from alpaca. There’d be nothing left of me but a grease spot!

The raw silk from Tillis’. I’d originally hoped to get enough to make a tank, but I snoozed and lost. This is enough for the 198 yards of heaven shawlette. I just liked the red and will either use it or just look at it.

The huge skein of yarn down front is actually 5 skeins from The Wool Man. It’s a silk-rayon blend and I’m in love. There’s a pattern I hope to order and pray that it wasn’t just part of the kit. If it is, I’ll skulk around Ravelry and see what I can find. I received the apron for volunteering. Under all of that is a red Sheep and Wool tote bag.

I’m also going to start a dye garden. We have rabbits and deer so a vegetable garden takes a lot of work. I’ve been reading what I can do to make a garden animal proof, if there’s really such a thing, but I’ll need muscle. I usually do tomatoes, peppers and string beans on the deck. These are just a few dyestuffs. I’ll expand next year, Lord willing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a skein finished to enter into the show. I had to make an emergency visit to my mother (she’s fine) and once I returned life kept getting in the way. I’ve made a good start so entering the state fair should be a snap!

See what happens when I don’t post? Monster posts!!!

It was a blast and can’t wait until next year!




Araignee said...

I missed out on Tess too because of the price issue. I went in twice but got frustrated and gave up when I couldn't match the price list with the yarn labels. I really wanted some of her lace weight but I was too hot to think that hard.
Are you counting down the days until next year? I sure am!

cici said...

I was hoping to see you, but this was the first year I didn't go buy a T-shirt. I agree the heat was unbearable. All and all I had a great time and it didn't stop me from having a great time and going over my budget too♥ I did make it to the Fold early with little wait in line time♥

Sheila said...

You have an awesome haul from the MSW Festival... do I see habu yarn. said...

I blew my budget at MDSW too! It was so worth it though!!!! Enjoy your loot.

Kathleen C. said...
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Kathleen C. said...

I managed not to blow my budget... but only because DH had told me I should double it from the original anyway! Worth it for the gorgeous haul... right!
Hoo boy! Was it ever hot! But fun as usual!
Sorry I didn't see you to greet you... although in this odd small world of bloggers thing I must have met your commenter cici!!! I believe we shared a table at Guido's party!

Beverly said...

FYI if you go to the Tess booth she has a handout with the yarns yardage and price. I've ordered online and at Stitches South this year. I went over my budget there.

You have a great haul and I think it's fantastic that you help out at the festival.

The Gingerbread House said...

I have a new computer and can't get my old address's, Send me an email so I don't lose contact with you..
Wish I could have gone to the looks like a lot of fun if I could keep up :o) Ginny .