Saturday, October 23, 2010


Just a quick update on my arms. My internal medicine guy says I have carpal tunnel. I'll be going to the hand clinic to determine my options. I'm going to try to exercise common sense so there's no handwork in my immediate future. Here's a question - why do they never say "no housework"? In it's broadest sense it is handwork isn't it?

I have to finish my room so I can get my mother's room uncluttered. She's in town for her round of visits. It really killed me to tell her that her room was wasn't ready! Although to be fair, she's early and we were scheduled to be away until next month so she couldn't have stayed here until then anyway. So why do I feel guilty?

We also have the painters coming so baseboards and door jambs need to be washed. So there's work in my future just no fun stuff.




The Gingerbread House said...

Sorry things have heaped up on you! Mother would understand if you just came out and said this wasn't a good time because of your hands setting you back.
Just remember she knows you better than you know yourself. Dr's always give advice they can't follow themselves. Ginny p.s. feel better

Lolita Death Squad Agent: Ren said...

Oh GOD. Carpal tunnel!? That's the bane of every crafter's existence. I get it all the time.
But don't worry! There are remedies out there. What I usually do is soak my wrists in warm water, give them a good massage and wrap them in a heating pad. Also- and I know this reeks of 'old lady'- but bengay or icy hot helps too. The important thing is to give yourself a break...a day, at least.