Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Ramblings

Christmas Day is just a warm memory. There were 11 of us. I did the majority of the cooking which surprises me. My mother wasn't with us as she decided to go home right after Thanksgiving and one sister and her husband were with her. There was only one minor squabble (started by someone who should know better) so it was pretty much an uneventful day. DD#1 didn't make it home, DD#2 had a houseful of sick kids, and DD#4 is young, single and free. And did whatever 25 year olds do when they don't come for Christmas dinner!

Everyone ate their fill and took home the majority of the leftovers!! I deliberately cooked a lot less this year. For example, I usually make three types of dressing. This year I only made two and cut those amounts in half. Everyone says they like dressing, but in reality they only eat a spoonful or two. I had about a combined cup left, so I'm calling it a win. This picture was taken as I was putting food on the table. Even though I cut way back you couldn't see the tablecloth when all the food was on the table.

Whats more problematical for me than mountains of leftovers is putting away the dishes. I can never remember what goes where. It would probably also help if I didn't have so much, but I love every piece. When we married Harold brought 3 sets of china and two sets of silverware with him, so we have loads. As of now the kids don't want them and I've gotten rid of all that I can bear to part with.

I've started using them a lot more. I've used Harold's aunt's set for Sunday dinner for the two of us. I had a book club meeting in November and used my luncheon sets. I'm on a self-imposed moratorium not to buy anymore. Most of mine have come from thrift shops, antique shops, yard sales, etc. So not to tempt myself, I stay away from the crack dens. Also, I realistically have no space to put anymore. Even after getting rid of some, the cupboards are packed.

There is only one exception. I bought these two pieces several years apart in two different cities. I love them and these are the only two pieces I've ever seen. If I ever see anymore I'm buying it all. They are not marked and I'm going to assume they're American. I've looked on EBay and in all the glass books, nothing. These can't be the only two pieces ever produced!

I bought two desserts from a local place that supplies desserts to high end restaurants, but the hit was the trifle I made. There may be enough left for a generous serving. It's easy and makes a pretty presentation. I don't have a trifle bowl, but I used a clear glass bowl. You can use angel food cake, but I used leftover pound cake. I cut it into slices and then cut the slices into cubes. Melt a jar of strawberry jam in a pan over medium heat. Make a box of instant vanilla pudding according to package directions. My bowl holds two layers so I place half of the cake in the bottom of the bowl, sprinkle with orange juice, pour half the jam over it and then half of the pudding. Repeat. Refrigerate approximately four hours or over night. Before serving spread Cool Whip over the top layer and serve. You can decorate with chocolate shavings or sliced strawberries. The first time I made this I'd made a cake that fell apart coming out of the pan. My aunt was visiting for the first time and I had to have dessert! She loved it!

Well, this post has certainly lived up to its name. I've rambled on enough, hope you all are enjoying your holidays!!




Araignee said...

I made the same trifle dessert and it was the only thing I didn't have leftovers of. It really is yummy and so easy to make!

Faye Lewis said...

Thank you for your help with the mystery duvet. I really want to make it! Your Christmas table was beautiful. I share your love for dishes, there is a term for people like us who collect, but I can never remember it. My cupboards are overflowing with them too. I also have boxes of them stored under the bed. I've given away tons, and have stopped buying, but there are still way too many.