Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Drive-By Post

I'm working diligently to get class samples made.  Four down one more to go.  I wrote once before about the powers of the internet and couldn't resist another post.  I started a project knowing I was a skein short,but decided to start anyway figuring I could find the extra skein on Ravelry if I couldn't find  it locally.  Nothing local. Nothing on Ravelry.  I decided to try getting it from the suppliers that other Ravelers had used.  Webs, Cascade and Jimmy Beans.  Struck out with Webs.  By the time Cascade got back to me telling me they had it I found it at Jimmy Beans.  I've never ordered from them, but Sharon talks about visiting them frequently.  I ordered on Wednesday morning, received an email telling me it shippped Wednesday afternoon, received it this morning.  Additionally,there was a free pattern printed on the envelope. I just found 4 free stitch markers!  I'll order from them again and recommend them. NAVY, just a very satisfied customer!  Thanks Sharon! 


Sheila said...

The powers of the internet is Awesome... Glad you were able to get your yarn.

Sharon said...

WooHoo. I'm so glad they came through for you. They were in the news today. The USPS local distribution center wants to close and it would hurt JBW, raising shipping costs and possibly make them move to center where there is a post office distribution center. Hope that doesn't happen!

Freaky Knitter said...

Melodye...thank you so much for your kind comments!! I will pass this around to all the gals at the shop and thanks Sharon for the recommendation. You might be wondering who I am, but I work at JBW and am glad that you are so happy with us!! Thanks for your business and the shout out!

Have a great holiday and happy knitting!

Jeanne from JBW