Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Crafting Goals

     Happy New Year!!!  I hope each of you had a happy and safe New Year's Eve and are settling down for a day of football, family, and food!

      I've been thinking about my crafting goals for 2012 for quite a while.  As I've proven on this blog I get more done when I write them down where I (and everyone else!) can see them.  For the past few years I've done real general goals.  This year I'd like to be more specific.  So here goes:

            1.  Complete and dress doll bodies; and
            2.  Make 4 dresses for little girls and donate them.

            1.  Complete 3 tops from current tops to finished quilts; and
            2.  Finish Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  Not one of 3 in #1.

         Knitting and Crocheting:
               Complete 6 non-class related items from stash.

             1.  Wardrobe for Sister L; and
              2.  Home dec items, i.e., pillows, placemats, napkins, etc.

               I would love to say not buy any fleece this year, but that's not going to happen.  I'm
        contacting a shepherd tomorrow about an alpaca fleece!  I do need to inventory what I have,
        because other than what's in the shed I'm not sure what I have.  I've bought willy-nilly and I've   
        been given fibers and just shoved it into the closet so that's the first order of business.  I would   
        like to consistently be able to spin the yarn I want and knit my handspun.

        Of course now that I've written it, I'm re-evaluating the alpaca fleece. We'll see, it may not even  be available.  I did after all start this post by saying I'd be using my existing stashes.

        Well that's it, my 2012 crafting goals.  This time next year, we'll see how I did!




Beverly said...

Happy New Year!

I am once again committing myself to knitting from stash but I am also adding using the books and patterns I already own. This does not include magazines since I have two subscriptions.

I'm also focusing on completing unfinished beading, sewing and quilting projects.

I using the less is more approach since I have an over abundance of everything.

Sheila said...

Happy New Year and and hope can you complete your goals.