Monday, November 12, 2012

98% Finished Object - Sewing Room! (Pic Heavy)

Finally after more years than I care to admit this room is close to being finished.  My nephew was here Saturday to help us with some work outside and I had him help me do a couple of things in this room.  DH and I painted it a couple of summers ago, and put up the cabinets.  I hemmed and hawed about the carpet and finally decided to keep it.  Big mistake as I knew almost immediately that it would have to go.  Harold swears our home is built above an underground stream.  We have 2 sump pumps on either end of the house and one is in this room.  While we don't get water inside, this room sometimes smells of mildew especially after prolonged periods of rain.  Between the Derecho and Sandy, I was at my wits end.  I pulled up the carpet with dear nephews' help, and brought the recliner down.  I rearranged it and now have a cozy retreat.  I still don't have up curtains or blinds, but I'll rectify the blinds tomorrow and hopefully the curtains in the near future.

Here are the pics:

View from door

Knitting Machine

Sewing Machines
Embroidery Machine

Bookcase view2
 w/ Dress form
Bookcaseview 1
Cutting Table
 (fabric is in closets behind the cutting table) 

The spinning wheels are missing.  There is no room. The Canadian Production Wheel is in the living room, the Lendrum is packed away.  The drum carder is in the bottom of the cutting table.  I'll keep some roving inside, but the majority of it and the fleece will be going outside in the spinning shed.  There is some yarn in the small white cabinet to the left of the sewing machines, but the majority of it is in a cedar chest in our room.  I'd like to put a small table to hold knitting and crochet WIPs and an occasional cup of something to drink.  Those bins under the sewing machines hold a lifetime of keepsakes.  I keep telling myself this stuff needs to go in scrapbooks, but I'm really not interested in another hobby.  I'll probably find acid free document boxes and divide it up by child and maybe year. 
The bag under the embroidery machine holds scraps.   
The heat for this room is in the ceiling so that rules out overhead lights.  DH suggested under cabinet lights, but I'm not sure they're going to work, so I've added loads of table and floor lamps.  I'll be drilling holes in the embroidery machine table to hold at least one lamp and to run the cords through.  As JoAnn's has them on sale, I'll be picking up wall hung thread racks.  That will free up some space in the cabinets and I'm sure I'll find stuff to put in them.
The cutting table is an old kitchen cabinet bought at a yard sale ($5.00!!)  There is loads of storage.  I made a removeable top for it from a door from Hechingers, an old blanket and muslin.  When not in use I keep it behind the door.  I also keep a planning board for quilts behind the door and pull it out as needed. 
I am so pleased with this room!  I've spent some time in there since Saturday just knitting and watching t.v.  It's cozy and it's mine!! Over the years I've sewn on everything from card tables to dining room tables to floors.  I don't take this space for granted and I'm grateful! 


Artemisia Moltabocca said...

ZOMG Melodye! Happy to see your room is almost finished! I love that you repurposed a kitchen cabinet as a cutting table. And only for $5?! You are made of win.

Tee said...

Love your space! Nothing like your own!

Spinster Beth said...

You are such a crafty woman!