Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On the Road Again!

We were able to get away for a break this past weekend.  We went to Canton, OH for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremonies.  We are a football household.  I'm a Ravens
fan, but DH is a FOOTBALL FAN.  He can quote obscure football facts and knows stats for football players that no one else remembers. So when it was announced that Jonathan Ogden was going to be Baltimore's first hall of famer we decided to go.  We bought tickets and made hotel reservations in January.  We got excellent seats, but the closest hotel was in Cleveland, an hour away. 

We had a ball!  The weather was perfect, low to mid 70's, sunny with low humidity.  We no longer "have" to so stay in 5 star hotels.  When we're on vacation we're out and about.  $150+ a night for the few hours we're in a room seems like a waste.We stayed in a Travelodge in Edgewater.  The rooms were recently renovated and clean, the hotel offered free continental breakfast and offered free wi-fi.  There was easy highway access.

The only downside was dinners.   Friday night DHs dinner was inedible.  He ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and took two bites and couldn't finish.  He thinks there was milk and cinnamon in the sauce.  He chose not to reorder.  I ordered the pork chops, which were tough, the mashed sweet potatoes were burned.  Interesting enough the salads were fresh and the tomatoes were garden ripe rather than greenhouse and the honey balsamic vinaigrette was excellent.  I'm going to find the recipe, it was that good.  Portion sizes were generous!

Sunday, DHs meal was excellent.  I ordered the Cajun catfish and it wasn't catfish and undercooked.  I asked that it be cooked it bit more and it was still undone.  The service was poor. The restaurant wasn't busy, but our waitress was old. I was willing to be lenient because of her age and it was obvious her feet hurt.  Our flatware was thrown on the table, I never got the second glass of water I asked for, even though she stared me in the face while she chatted with the customers at the next table.  The ironic part was that we chose the place because of all the restaurants on the street, it had a crowd outside!

Breakfasts on the other hand were excellent.  Saturday we ate at Samantha's in Canton. The coffee was good and hot.  DH's sausage patty was as big as a hamburger and seasoned well. I had the cinnamon French toast and it was cooked to perfection! Service was top notch, despite a crowd.   Sunday we ate at the Coffee Pot in Cleveland.  Good coffee, excellent grits.  Harold had an omelet and left nothing on the plate.  The service was good and our waiter was friendly.  Tuesday we had lunch at their downtown location and another good meal.  Broccoli and grapes don't sound as if they'd be a good salad combination, but this is another recipe I'm going to find and serve.

Lest you think DH and I are gourmands or food snobs, let me leave you with a pic of my favorite breakfast spot when we're travelling.  My only regret is that the one closest to us is over an hour away!

 I'll cover the rest trip in installments.




Tee said...

Hi there! Glad you guys had a good trip, sounds like fun!!!!!

Araignee said...

What fun! There is nothing like a road trip. I have never eaten in a Waffle House before but have passed by many. It's on the bucket list for sure.