Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Preparations

     Here at Chez Ray we're busily getting ready for Christmas.  Two weeks ago, I got up one morning walked into the kitchen and decided I couldn't live with it another day!  I stripped the wallpaper border and repainted the kitchen.  New blinds and curtains and it's finished.  But,  why don't projects end when the initial one is complete?  I've been on a cleaning tear to end all cleaning tears.  I tend to hold onto things way too long and as a result I pitched the almost 20 year old comforter set in the front bedroom that I now need to replace. Loads of stuff will be donated to the Salvation Army today.
       Last summer I took down the curtains in the middle bedroom to "summer" it up a bit.   Now that I want to put the heavier curtains back I can only find one of the two  panels!  I have searched every closet, every drawer and chest in this house and I can only find one !@#$%^& panel.  I wouldn't have gotten rid of one panel would I???  This weekend we're having 4 grandchildren and 1 great niece for the weekend.  We'll be decorating and baking Christmas cookies.  5 under 12.  I may be sipping the cooking sherry by the Sunday night or glugging the "medicinal" whiskey.

    There's still more snow in my backyard that we had all last year.  It's going to make putting all the painting stuff back into the shed fun (not!).  Hope!



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Araignee said...

Happy holidays! Your weekend sounds like heaven but I would keep that sherry on hand, just in case.
I'll be doing the same thing over at Daddio's this weekend with a grumpy old man and I would trade you all those kids for just one of him. ;)