Sunday, January 26, 2014

Done and Done!

     Happy New Year!! It's still January and I haven't greeted many of you, so in my book it's still appropriate! LOL

     Like most of the east coast, it's cold and snowy here and any pics of the snow I'd show would look like all the others I've posted. 

     I'm calling this year, "The Year of Frog it or Finish It"  Until I started working at the Knitting Boutique, I didn't have any knitting or crocheting (of my own) UFOs.  Now my baskets and chests are overflowing.  I started the New Year off by frogging several that I'd lost interest in or for some reason didn't like anymore.

     First finished was the most recent started,  It's "That Nice Stitch" cowl one using my own handspun.  I enjoyed knitting this and loved the way it looked after I blocked it.  Blocking it evened out all of the imperfections in the yarn.  The yarn finished to a fingering/sport weight.  Sorry I don't have yardage.  I just worked until I ran out of yarn.  I've got to do a better job documenting my handspun.

     Next up my second and unless I have a change of heart my last pair of socks.  Later this week I'll post my first pair. I didn't really have a pattern, I really just winged it.  These are two at time toe up with a Sweet Tomato Heel.  I started at the toe and cast on 8 stitches and increased till they fit and then switched to a 2 by 2 rib on the front and plain stockinette on the back. I finished the cuffs with a 2 x2 rib that I shifted 1 stitch so the cuff had some definition when I  looked at it.

     Until two weeks ago, these were waiting to have the heel turned.  Once I turned the heel it was plain sailing.  If I were to continue making socks, the Sweet Tomato heel would be my go to heel. Its by Cat Bordhi and will work with any number of heel stitches.
 I wanted to wear these with boots so I used "Wool Ease" by Lion Brand and size 5 needles.  I started these just after I started at the shop so probably late 2011 early 2012.  I know this is only my second pair, but I don't get the attraction of making socks. I think you're either a sock person or you're not. 
That's it from this side of the page,
TTYL, Melodye

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Araignee said...

Happy new year to you too! I love your attitude. I have some hard decisions to make also as my project bags are overflowing with things I just don't care about anymore. Your FO's are great. Those socks will be perfect for the weather we are expecting for the rest of this week. This winter has worn out its welcome.