Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day!

When I was working this would have been a big deal.  but this year, I'm beginning to get tired of all this snow, not to mention the cold.  It's been bone-chilling.  Some days it's as if no matter how many clothes I put on, I can't get warm.

Today, I'll be sitting in front of the wood stove working on Leaflines.  I will admit this one is kicking my butt!  I've ripped back twice and can't see the error.  I always make my own class samples so I can see where students might have problems.  I really wish she'd added stitch counts to some of the later rows.

So this isn't pic-less, I'll show you what I'm seeing today:

The dining room window:

My neighbor:
My other neighbor,  If you look, closely there's car under there!
Wherever you are today, stay warm and dry!


Spinster Beth said...

The cold is starting to really get to me, too. My electric bill was so high I actually went and checked the outside outlets to make sure no one was stealing power from me!

Hot tea and knitting ... that's all there is to it, until Spring.

Araignee said...

You really got some snow! We only got an ugly pile of slush. You can't even shovel it, it's that heavy and wet.
I'm ready for spring too. I love making good use of all my knits this winter but I'm tired of being stuck in the house so much. I hear we are getting up to 60 this week coming up and I can't wait.

Sharon said...

That's crazy! Out here in the drought stricken West, we're green with envy. The weather gods have gone completely bonkers. Even Portland got snow! I can't imagine shoveling your yard - it looks deep.