Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Dress - Bodice Part II

Redid the bodice going up one size and repeating row 1 until the piece measured 4". Then proceeded with pattern until underarm shaping.  I tried it on with the bra I'll be wearing (no pics) and am pleased with the fit overall. I'm always amazed at the difference proper fitting undergarments make.  I no longer look like a stuffed sausage!  I'm going to proceed with the rest of the bodice pattern.  I may have to rip back 5 rows of this first piece and work even.  I have narrow shoulders and have to move the straps to compensate.  It's interesting to see the same fitting problems I have in sewn patterns presenting themselves here.  I will admit it's easier to correct them in crochet than sewing!



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Araignee said...

I am in dire need of a bra that fits. My favorite is in tatters and I have several in the closet that are instruments of torture. I keep saying I'm going to get one and then I forget. I hope I'm never in an accident where they have to cut off my shirt. They're in for a big surprise.
I can't wait to see photos of your progress!