Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What a Summer!

     When I last posted, I was all set to participate in the Tour de Fleece.  That was the last spinning I've done.  I managed to mess up my back big time.  A pinched nerve that was supposed to result in surgery after PT didn't work.  Before I could schedule surgery Harold's back went out.  What was initially diagnosed as sciatica has subsequently been  diagnosed as osteomyelitis, a bone infection. The initial diagnosis was mid-July and he was finally hospitalized September 16.  He's still hospitalized and we hope to have him home next week.  I've put my surgery on hold until he's somewhat recovered, maybe the end of the year.

     All I can say is thank God for health insurance.  If not, we would be bankrupt.  All hospitals are not created equal and past performance is not always an indicator of current performance. Nuff said.

      There has been some very uninspired knitting going on.  I found that I'm really unable to concentrate enough to follow most written patterns, therefore the three sweaters I had on the needles at the beginning of summer are still on the needles. Strangely enough, I've been able to write patterns and have several crochet designs in the pipeline. The mind is a funny thing.  I've made several hats for charity, but I haven't taken pics of any of them.

     Over the winter, I paired up some stash yarn with patterns and put them aside for a planned road trip. The road trip never materialized but as we were preparing to leave for the emergency room I had the presence of mind to grab a bag.  I completed this Hitchhiker in 8 days.  It's the fastest I've ever knit anything. Hours of sitting in hospital rooms are ideal for knitting.  This was a completely mindless knit and occupied enough of my mind to keep me from going absolutely  batsh!@#$ crazy. I bought the yarn at MDSW years ago.  It's 100% silk noil, which is leftover after processing silk, resulting in short fibers.  I'm not sure how well this is going to wear.  It's not very tightly spun and the yarn pulled apart in two places as I was knitting.  But it's yarn out of the stash and if it makes it through the winter I'll be happy.

     Just in case you need another reason to knit shawls, they are a must for hospitals.  They keep you warm (there's always a draft!) and in a pinch can work as a pillow.

     That's it from this neck of the woods.




Araignee said...

Oh, good gracious! I wondered where you've been. That's just terrible for you both. I hope you'll be on the mend soon even if hospitals make for great knitting-and you know I know all about that. Thank goodness it's been a while for me. I was about to go bat sh*t crazy myself. Now I'm paying $9000 a month to have someone do it for me.

Bona Fide Knitter said...

Hi Melodye!

I'm so sorry you and your husband are having such health issues. I'll pray for your recoveries.

I was looking back at some of my old posts (I've been extremely absent from my blogging.) and found a comment from you which put me on track to check on you. I'm not doing any knitting. I seem to have replaced it with cooking. I even have a new blog that I am also neglecting, Kitchener to Kitchen. (kitchenertokitchen.blogspot.com) Next week I hope to finish a pair of socks I started knitting a year ago. I also hope to get back to my blogs. I haven't been to Stitches East in many years, especially after it moved to CT. Let's keep in touch by getting back to our blogs. :-)

Marilyn (Bona Fide Knitter)

Tanya said...

Oh no. I am so sorry that you're going through this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay encouraged.

Tanya said...

Oh no. I am so sorry that you're going through this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Stay encouraged.