Sunday, November 4, 2018


I loved this sweater the first time I saw it. I started it on vacation in Virginia Beach the week after Labor Day this year. Despite everything I've made pretty good progress on it. Being on vacation, not having to drive and an emergency trip to New York helped.  I'm so close, but so far away. I just need to get these sleeves done.  I'm knitting them concurrently on 16" size 7, Addi circular needles. One sleeve is almost an inch narrower than the other.  On the other one my gauge changed noticeably the last 3 - 4 inches. I really shouldn't complain, this is only my second time to the frog pond on this sweater. Grrr, it's getting cold and I want to wear it!!!
  Here's a question for you - why do I have 5 pair of size 16" size 7 circs" They're all Addis!!!



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