Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Accomplishments

A couple of the blogs I read listed their accomplishments. While my list is no where near as long as those contained on their sites, here goes. I wish I'd kept a list, but I didn't this is from my very faulty memory so there may be somethings missing:

1. Liana's Neck Filler scarf -4
2. Deb Barnhills' socks from Knitty
3. Skirts -
4. Dress
5. Hat from Hip Knitted Hats
6. Fingerless Gloves -1 pair
7. Knitted Tank Top I ended up ripping out because I didn't like the fit

Not a lot to show for the year, but with the transplant, angioplasty, Mama's illness, Daddy' death it's better than nothing.

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