Friday, December 5, 2008


Everyone else has posted about their Thanksgiving so I thought I would post about ours. We ate at my sister's and had a wonderful time. There was more food than should be in any one place other than a restaurant. Loads of relatives from out of town and everyone local with the exception of my brother was there. He works holidays so his married co-workers can be with their families. It's the best time we've had since my father died, October 2007. Daddy was larger than life and his death left a huge hole in all our lives. He and my mother were married 3 weeks short of 54 years. He loved us unconditionally.

As I've gotten older I've learned that death is a thief. Not only does it take the person from you, but it also takes away the family unit and the family has to learn to be a family all over again. And it isn't easy. Not that we had any arguments or fights, but whenever we were together, Daddy's absence was notable and it seemed as if coming to accept his death was impossible. Last week, his absence was noted, we talked about him, missed him, cried some, but we were able to enjoy ourselves despite his absence, as he would have wanted us to do.

Several bloggers that I read are dealing with death and I guess what I'm trying to say is that death sucks. Life will never be the same, but you do get on with life and learn to make a new life. You never forget or stop missing the one that's gone, but you adapt. It does get easier. There will be times when the pain is brand new all over again, but eventually even those times get fewer and farther between.

Rest in Peace, Daddy, Mama Daisy, Teddy. We miss you.

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cici said...

ahhh thanks girl.. I needed that. Great post. I agree with you, the feelings come and go. Each day seems to get a little easier.