Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goal Update

I've completed 3 tasks so far. It's only early Sunday afternoon and I've finished 3 so far.

1. All the decorations are down. DH has to move the boxes to the shed, but my work is done. You can see some of them in the picture below.

2. I took pictures of the wheel and in the process found the maker's mark. I'd looked all over the wheel and didn't see it. I put the wheel on the dining room table to take advantage of the overhead light and on the end of of the wheel, it's marked "Paradis". Of course I went on-line to do some research. It's a Canadian Production Wheel made by Aram Paradis. These are said to be nice wheels, but they spin fast and are designed to spin fine yarn. I'll do more research, but I want to get these goals accomplished. And once I start on the net I can lose hours.

3. I contacted the Hattons about replacement parts for the wheel.

I've got a bonus coming and I'd like to get this wheel ready. I'd also like to buy a felting machine. I'm planning to retire in three years and I'd like to have all the machines I want.

It's only early Sunday afternoon and I'm ahead of where I be. In a fit of insanity I baked a cake yesterday and have promised DH Chicken Wings and Cornbread muffins for dinner. Haven't decided on the sides yet. Maybe during the games this afternoon, I'll get started in the sewing room. Or maybe knit. I only have 4 inches left to go on the body. I'm really going to try to knit the sleeves 2-at-a-time. Maybe he'll get it not too long after his birthday.


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The Gingerbread House said...

Hi Melodye, I've been trying to get back to your blog for the last hour...seems that blogger wouldn't let me get right in...I then tried to find out about when and where you got your wheel in your archives, but no luck finding a post...Did you just get it? I didn't know you were a spinner too :o) I didn't remember you mentioning it....Ginny