Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Got Them!!

After the election I called my representative and congress persons and requested tickets to the inauguration. Two of three responded and let me know that they were overwhelmed with requests and they would not be able to fulfill my request. I never heard from the third. I was off Wednesday, when I got in to the office there was a message from one of the respondents. He'd be given additional tickets and did I want one? Is the Pope Catholic? The entire time I was listening to the message, I was hoping I wasn't too late. I picked them up yesterday. I danced in the empty hall afterwards. Unfortunately, I can't go. And upon reflection, I don't know why I requested them. I can't stand that long. I had to stand Thursday for about 45 minutes. I still hurt. I'm so mad. While I didn't abuse my body with drugs and alchohol, I don't think I appreciated it when I could do what I wanted when I wanted. So, I'll be home glued to the TV. Oh the tickets won't go to waste. A fried of my sisters' is going anyway. This will just get her a better vantage point.


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