Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, I got three of the four things on the list complete. Anybody wanna guess which one didn't get completed? That @#$ sweater. It's driving me crazy. I want it to be hand knit, not homemade. I realized I wasn't going to get it finished about 6 last night. I was tired and rather than stop, I pressed on. Well I knit when I should have purled and there was no way to fix it. So I ripped it back. Since I was already ripping it back, I ripped back to the two mistakes I figured I could live with. So instead of almost 8 inches of yoke, I've got maybe an inch and a half.

I am so ready to be finished with this sweater. I tend towards project mon*agam*y so I don't have anything else to work on. It's not like I don't have the yarn or patterns. I'm afraid that if I start something else, I'll never get back to the sweater. I really want to get it finished. DH is a sweetie and I want him to have it.

Just call me Penelope.



Beverly said...

Three out of four isn't bad. Put the sweater down and step away for a while.

I knitted a sleeve almost three times this weekend because I refused to do that very thing.

The Gingerbread House said...

Melodye, you are learning a valuable lesson, if.. you pay attention!! When things go wrong with a pattern.."Stop" ...Put it down... if not you will continue with mistake after mistake, the anxiety only builds...Some times it takes a year to get back to it..that's why there are UFO in every body's basket...That is normal...Ginny

Susan said...

Oh I do understand! I think that's why I usually make little things like socks. Less apt to be distracted by something bright and shiny in my peripheral vision.