Monday, March 2, 2009


That's to all my east coast readers who are enjoying a snow day. I've been waiting for this storm all winter so that I could have a snow day! That's right when it's too bad outside I stay home! I've had my day planned for months. Feed DH, put on a pot of chili and spin. I need dedicated time at the wheel and I've so been looking forward to it. But where am I? In San Diego and working everyday. There's just no justice. Picture this - tucked cosily inside with the snow falling, a fire in the woodburning stove, dinner in the crockpot and me spinning at my wheel. Reality - I'm in San Diego, where yesterday it was 75 degrees. Today, as soon as I post this and get dressed, I'm co-delivering a presentation on Strategic Planning to conference attendees. I am not happy, I'd rather be spinning.


Beverly said...

I feel you. The weatherman had me all stoked up for a snow day. Not a single flake fell.

Susan said...

Try to check out Two Sisters and Ewe and Bonita Knitting Store. There is also the Grove (on Juniper and 30th) and Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach. They all have their address on the internet websites. I'm off to Florida for a wedding or I'd try to meet up with you for a knit session.