Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cobblestone Pullover -Complete

My first post about this sweater was July 10, 2008. I completed it and ripped it out August 30, 2008 and first blogged about the latest incarnation January 9, 2009. But it is finished. DH wore it yesterday and says he received several positive comments to include requests. He loves me so he tends to exaggerate. I’m just glad to be finished and that he likes it. My original intent was to make another out of more expensive yarn, but right now I don’t know. Here he is in all his Cobblestone glory:

Now for the review:

Pattern: Cobblestone Pullover from Interweave Knits,
Yarn: Bernat
Does it look like the pattern: Surprisingly yes
What do I like about the pattern: Honestly, right now nothing. I was originally attracted to it because it looked like an easy knit. Enough details so I wouldn’t get bored, but not so difficult I’d quit in frustration. In retrospect, it was an easy knit. Any problems were mine, due to inattention, failure to consult the pattern and lack of experience.
What don’t I like: As I write this, I realize the things that attracted me to the pattern are still hold true. Even though it seems as if it took me forever, it really didn’t. The first one took 6 weeks, this one roughly 8 weeks.
Will I knit it again: Maybe, I won’t rule it out.
Would I recommend it – Yes, with the caveat to pay attention to the pattern and to use stitch markers as recommended.
New Technique – The correct way to make short rows. I still need practice, but the ones in this sweater are much better than in the first one.

Next up on the knitting front: a baby sweater for Judith at Mrs. Hammer’s house. She’s collecting baby clothes for an orphanage in China. It’s due April first. As for sewing, I’ve found I can get into 2 suits I already own. I’ve worn them both once. They were end of season purchases two different years. Either of those will work for Easter, but I do need a white dress for Palm Sunday. My niece has also asked me to make her graduation dress. I know I have a pattern for my dress, but I need to check the white fabric stash. I do have off-white, but they want white. We’ll see. I don’t look good in white; vanity may prevail.


Kathleen C. said...

That looks wonderful! Well done; very well done. Funny photo with him holding the yarn... I was looking for where it was raveling off the sweater!

cici said...

This is a great photo♥ and the sweater is very nice. He is a lucky man♥

Sheila said...

The Sweater looks great on your DH and he is such a sweety, even if he exaggerates..lol

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh ! He looks too cute in his very nice sweater !

Beverly said...

Now that you got it down pat, you need to make DH one in the nice yarn. He looks great in it.