Friday, May 22, 2009


It's done. I like it. It's way too small. I thought it might be but I pushed on. I'll give to my youngest. I hope she enjoys it. I love this top, I'll probably knit it again. But not now. Here it is:

Looking at this picture really makes my need to diet real!

Soleil is from, so it was free. I used CotLin from Knit Picks. It was a quick, easy knit. The lace was charted so for a first lace pattern I'd say it's a go. Let me also thank Sarah from Ravelry. I thought I was going to run out of yarn. She had some for sale. The transaction was completed quickly and painlessly.

Tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping in New York. I had a huge car repair bill earlier this week, so my discretionary funds are more than a bit depleted. That will curb my fabric buying for sure. It will be fun spending the day with like minded folks, so I'll still have fun.

Next up is a prayer shawl for a friend from church. I'm taking it tomorrow. It's all garter stitch on size 19 needles so I'll be able to gab and knit at the same time.



Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very cute and I love the color !!!

Beverly said...

It still turned out great. Thanks for posting this. It is on my to do list, but I'll definitely have to lose weight before tackling it.

Sheila said...

You did a great job and nice color choice. Must add to my to knit list.

cici said...

Looking good girl. Soleil in red is beautiful. Happy shopping in New York. I also had an unexpected trip to the car mechanic this past week.

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Wow, that is really nice! I know what you mean about dieting. LOL