Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a Month!!

This month has been a wonderfully, fibery one. I started the month by going to the Sheep and Wool Festival, last weekend I shopped New York and Friday I went to the Mannings for an all day Beginning Spinning Class. It was a gorgeous day for a drive, the weather was good as was traffic.

I debated as to whether to take my wheel or not. In the end I decided that since it's what I would be using at home, I'd take it. The class was limited to 6 and it was a perfect size. It allowed the instructor time to devote individual attention as necessary without anyone being overlooked and without it interfering with the flow of the class.

We started with a demo on washing wool straight from the sheep and dying it. Thomas Knisely (the instructor) discussed the different types of fiber to be spun and talked a little about the history of the wheel. We also carded and picked wool that we later spun. Lunch was on our own. There's nothing close to the school.

We spent the afternoon working with our wheels. I'm really glad I took my wheel. The instructor knew nothing about my wheel, but was able to work with me on it. The first thing he did was oil it. l could not believe the difference oiling it made. Not only was it markedly quieter, but it was also easier to operate. That's not to say, I'm spinning really great yet, that's going to take practice. I was able to ask questions and got feedback on what I was doing wrong. These wheels were used to produce yarn for weavers to use and were designed to spin a lot of yarn fast. Some say that it's the worst wheel to learn on, but it's what I've got. But I Will admit that while I was spinning Friday night, I was so frustrated that I really considered buying a new wheel. I still may at some point, but I want to be sure I'm going to continue spinning first. I did find out yesterday that Cloverhill Yarn Shop rents wheels for $10 a week. Once I get a quiet week, I'll rent one to see the difference. It was a great day and I won't hesitate to take another class from them.

While at the MDSW, I ordered bobbins for Adelaide. My wheel finally told me her name. I wanted them early enough to take to class, but the were waiting for me when I returned home on Friday. I'm having trouble getting them to work, but it may be operator error. I won't get a chance to spin until later in the week.

I've also been working on my niece's dress. I like it. She was here today and tried it on. I wanted to be sure it fit before I added the zipper and the lining. I've promised delivery on Wedneday, so I'll be sewing like the wind tomorrow.

And to end the month, I bought a Viking Felting Machine. I was in JoAnn's yesterday and they were having a clearance sale. I've been watching them for over two years. I got it for less than half price, so I'm ectastic. But I can't play with it until after the dress is finished.

My room is a mess. It needs a major clean and reorganization, and I can't put it off much longer. My room is the embodiment of trying to fit 100 pounds in a 50 pound sack. Logically I know that I need to get rid of stuff. BUT I DON'T WANT TO!!! About 5 years ago, I went through and got rid of a lot of stuff, fabric, patterns, 3 30 gallon trash bags of yarn (my aunt's stash), book, etc. Since I can't get anymore space, I'll have to do something. I'll figure it out. Sigh...

So that's my wonderful month. I'll pics later of my fabric, my nieces' dress and my new baby.




Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Wow, you and I both have had a wonderfully fibery month. Thanks so much for supporting my NY trip we had a blast...the next one is going to be Nov 7--shouldn't be too cold to tramp around in NY. :)

Susan said...

What a month indeed! Can't wait to see the dress.

The Gingerbread House said...

Melodye, "Happy Belated Birthday" to you! I have a nephew born on that date also and a daughter a couple days later...Ginny