Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It’s good that I have this blog. If asked, I’d have said I got very little accomplished last year. I took some time today and reviewed 2009. I was surprised. Here’s a recap:

1. Harold’s sweater

2. 2 pair of pants

3. I learned to spin (3 skeins!!)

4. White suit

5. Soleil

6. My niece’s dress

7. Green skirt

8. Yellow dress

9. Irish Hiking Scarf

10. Burgundy garter stitch shawl

11. Taught my first knitting related class (with all the prep work and samples to include a baby sweater)

12. Sample scarflet for the shop

13. Crocheted baby sweater for couple at church

I accomplished more than I did last year. I even had some labor intensive projects and my sewing room has been out commission since August. Last year my goal was to: "Use the machines that are sitting around gathering dust. Sew more." I think I accomplished it. The New Year will bring loads of changes for me. I’m going to be teaching at the shop more so I’ll be knitting more. I want to learn to spin better. I’d originally hoped to enter a skein into Maryland Sheep and Wool and unless I do nothing else until then, it’s probably not going to happen. I still want to, "Use the machines that are sitting around gathering dust. Sew more."



cici said...

I hear ya on the sew more.. I sure want to knit more. I pulled out my stash last night and man oh my do I have a lot of yarn. It is probably pass my life's expectancy. I vow to knit more in 2010♥

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I'd like to knit more also. Your list is impressive. I really do like that white suit !