Saturday, July 24, 2010


It seems that the work on the deck and my crochet marathon have wreaked havoc on my wrists. They hurt. Whenever I tried to knit, crochet or spin, I was in pain. Went to the doc Friday. No knitting, crocheting or spinning til SEPTEMBER!!! I'm thoroughly aggravated. I detest doing nothing. But I will be compliant. It's a good thing I bought this:

It's the Nook from Barnes and Noble. I'm adding this as third to my list of the best electronic gadgets ever invented. The internet is first, followed closely by GPS. This is a strong 3rd. I've got 35 free books loaded. That's right free. I'm told there are thousands out there in the universe. I can also download library books, .pdf files for portable kntting and crocheting and music from my ipod, just as soon as I figure out how. I can also connect to the net and lots of other things I haven't figure out yet. It's extremely lightweight and easy to carry. I didn't get a case for it. When I cleaned out my desk at work I found a padded, zipped portfolio that I kept. It's the perfect size. The only other accessory I'm considering is the light, so I can read in the dark. We bought it before I went to Myrtle Beach and my wrists thanked me for not carrying a bag of books.

Now something completely different. DH has had three library tables in his family for years. I love library tables, they are so practical. They were structurally sound but the finish? They were so bad they were destined for the landfill. I thought I'd try to strip them and see what happened. I stripped one to see if it would be worth my time.

The whole table looked like this:

I don't know how well you can tell, but the entire table was covered with a milky white film. After I stripped and conditioned the wood, I was so in love, I didn't refinish it, I just put several coats of wax on it. The color ls a little washed out, but it's an even brown.

The 2nd one is mahogany and has been stripped and conditioned. Waxing will have to wait until September. The third table is just a small one. Originally it probably held a telephone or lamp. I've done nothing to it and won't now until September.

Pubic Service Anouncement:

If you're in the Baltimore - Washington area and have excess needlework supplies the International Resettlement Center in Baltimore is looking for donations. They are resettling families from war-torn areas of the world. Most families arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. The women speak little English and are unaccustomed to working outside the homes. The center has established an outlet for the women to sell their wares, but they need supplies. Fabric, yarn, needles, sewing machines in working order. I took yarn and knitting needles earlier this week. As I continue to clean out my sewing room, I'll take more. Their link:




The Gingerbread House said...

Busy hands from busy minds..I love that library table :o) and I loved that Nook! (I never heard of that one , are they expensive? I'd love to have one)...Rest until Sept and don't cheat! ...Ginny

Sheila said...

Oh over worked your poor hands..definitely take it easy. Those ebooks are awesome.. I have the sony readeready and love it.

Beverly said...

So sorry about your wrist. I can sympathize. As has already been said no cheating.

Araignee said...

Oh my....My sister just had surgery on one hand and is waiting to get the next one done in a month or two. She's a quilter who wouldn't follow doctor's orders to give her poor wrists a rest.

Lesson learned: Listen to the doctors when they tell you to rest!This is serious business.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Mary E said...

I wish you well with those wrists! I am answering your question here and on my blog as well. My sewing room is 11x12. The sewing counter long ways is 8 feet, and the shorter is 5 ft. There is about 13 inches between the wells where the machines sit, and about 9 in on the right of the tan machine.
Thanks for visiting my blog - I am in love with your dyed roving and spinning!!

Towanda said...

Take care of you wrists. Thanks for the shout out about where to donate the excess sewing stuff.