Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've been everywhere

Thanks for all the well wishes on my wrists. They're better and I haven't cheated although there have been times when I'll admit I've been tempted.

I've been to Phoenix, AZ and Myrtle Beach and Sandy Island, SC. I've also seen both ends of the aging spectrum. I went to Phoenix to see a favorite cousin who's in the end stages of Alzheimer's disease. There was a brief moment of recognition and he repeated my name but for the most part he lives in a world of his own. He's in no pain, has no "physical" disease, he's being well taken care of and whatever demons have chased him most of his life are gone. He's 67.

On the other hand at Sandy Island we celebrated the 96th birthday of our oldest relative and matriarch, Cousin Onece. She's a pistol and keeps her daughters on their toes 24/7. Her party started as a small family celebration until she got involved. They finally took the pencil and paper away from her. I lost count at 80, but we know that it was closer to 100 family members and friends in attendance. She was involved in every step of the planning and we all had a ball. She uses a cane and occasionally a walker but that's it.

As I said earlier at times the itch to do anything fibery is almost too much. I'm cleaning my studio and perusing blogs. Moe bought one of these from her local Goodwill. It was 101 degrees the day I saw the post. I was hardly leaving home. But I kept thinking about it. Enter ebay. With shipping it was less than $50.

I haven't made anything yet, but I have been practicing. The best part? No pain. The ironic part? Remember that huge box of yarn I donated? I could have used it for practice, but it's really better they have it.

One challenge is ongoing. What do retirees wear? Unless, I'm doing yard work, I really don't like wearing jeans all the time. It's been hotter than hot, so I've been doing capris and shorts but winter is coming. I love the way Erica dresses, but it's way too much for my lifestyle. And oh yeah, what's my lifestyle?




Araignee said...

My biggest joy since retiring was to bag up and donate all my work clothes. I intend to live in pj's and variations of pj's for the rest of my life!

moemoe said...

Lucky Lucky you

congrats on your new toy I hope you have lots of fun


The Gingerbread House said...

That new toy works like a charm, I have had one for about 25 years..I made hubby a couple of sweaters with it and the sweaters sill look store bought. i need to get back to it again, hubby is companying :o) Ginny

Sheila said...

Glad to hear our hands are getting better. I am drooling over your new toy.... I want one as well as my daughter. Maybe we need to take a trip to our goodwill.