Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full

In a previous post, I mentioned I’d found raw fleece on Craigslist for $10 each. I’d originally only planned to buy one, but Harold said he wasn’t going that far to buy one fleece.
On our way home from a funeral in Richmond two weeks ago we stopped at Slate Run Farms where I picked up what I thought were 3 fleeces. Since the owners weren’t home I left the money. That evening Sven called to tell me I’d left too much money, but I could pick up the other fleece whenever I wanted. Then he said he had some others I could have for free. Now next to the names of my family members, my favorite word is “free”.
I picked them up Monday on my way home from Myrtle Beach. I was flabbergasted. This is a lot of fleece. But more importantly I think I have a new friend. Sven and I have never met in person. All our correspondence has been via email. But he was great to work with. It might be a good thing he’s a four hour round trip away! Other than being a happy customer, I have no affiliation with the farm. I like the idea of supporting small farms and am so happy to have met him. Here’s the website.
As you can see I haven’t opened the bags yet, but I’ll begin processing them next week. I’d hoped to get started today but DD#2 came to visit and I sat and enjoyed talking to her. I just read that I can store them in cotton pillowcases after they are cleaned or I can buy comforter bags to store them. I’m trying to shoot for 1 - 2 one a week. They’re currently in the shed and with the heat I’m afraid the yard will start smelling like a barn. Harold is already threatening to get me my own shed! Stay tuned more pics to come as I start.



Beverly said...

Great buy but more power to you. I did one when I first learned to spindle spin and doubt that I will ever do another. It was filthy, stinky and full of burrs. I hope these are much better.

Spinster Beth said...

Oooooh your own shed! You could FILL it with fleeces!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Do whatever you can to get that threat underway. :o) A stove in the Winter for heat ..Air in the summer to keep you cool.
Your own private Spinning and whatever else :o) I'd strike while the iron was hot :o)..

Araignee said...

My idea of heaven! Nothing makes me happier than turning a stinky pile of greasy wool into a soft,fluffy cloud ready to spin. I came home from the MD Sheep and Wool Fest with 15 pounds of it. Instead of a shed, yesterday I had hubby put me up a mosquito netted cabana to work in.

Sheila said...

Wow... Melodye... that is a lot of fleece. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

Sharon said...

Flabbergasted - that's a word I haven't heard in years. It was my mother's and that totally made me smile. That's a ton of wool sister. I am just now finishing up knitting the last of a 7 pound Targhee fleece I bought probably seven years ago! I even wove some of it. You are so in over your head :)

I tried twice to email you and bounced both times. How 'bout you email me and I'll reply?