Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've really been

trying to post.  I've been having trouble logging in and leaving comments on blogs.  I decided to try today and here I am!

First - Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and got such a lift. For those of you who don't celebrate, I can only say why not?  It's fun and the day (or days) can be whatever you choose to make it.  You can do as I do (some times) and make it all about me or spend the day doing for others.

A couple of answers - Yes, I do take yoga, but it's supported or chair yoga.  I started after I completed physical therapy for my neck.  It's great for stretching and there's a good mix of ages and abilities in my class.  One of my classmates is a 94 year old woman who puts us youngsters to shame. I think I said she was 90 in an earlier post, but her DIL told us otherwise.

No I didn''t cut my hair, yet.  But I am so tempted.  I've worn it relaxed for years, but I'm also taking water aerobics so I'm getting it wet most days.  Chlorine and perms don't mix.  In the last picture I just have it braided down either side.  Since then my niece has braided it for me.  It's much easier to just rinse it and go.  I'm trying to get my nerve up to just cut it all and go natural as I did back in the '70s.

Our container garden is producing, I'm thinking about trying to find a squash plant, but I think it may be too late.  DH and I don't eat a lot of the same thing so I try to balance what I plant.

I've been to Myrtle Beach and back again.  My sis and I went to do some work for my mother.  We got a lot done for her but I was so tired I didn't do much else but sit and veg.

I joined the Tour de Fleece this year or Ravelry.  My goal is to spin one bobbin full a day.  I'd love to do more, but I'm being considerate of my neck, arms and hands so I can continue.

That's it for me, what's going on with you??




Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I'd almost given up on a new post from you! Your string beans are beautiful..I think it's a bit late to plant squash seeds, you might find a stray plant somewhere.

BeeBee said...

I think you would look fabulous with natural hair. My 2 cents.
As for your blogging problems - did you upgrade to Internet Explorer 9? If you did, un-install THE UPGRADE (not the whole program) and you should be better. Ask me know I know.

Spinster Beth said...

I'm in Tour de Fleece too! I didn't set a firm goal, I'm just going to take it as I feel ... not very ambitious, I know!
If you really want squash, there is still time if you buy a plant rather than plant a seed. Squash grows super fast this time of the summer. You'd still get some. I have two in my garden.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

As you know from my blog, I do understand about the problems Blogger is having. - Wow, I envy and respect anyone that's taking Yoga. Perhaps in my distant future I will try it. That is a great photo of the green beans in your hand. The beans are beautiful. You know, I cannot remember seeing ANY squash plants this year. -- More power to you if you go natural. My hair is not that thick and it shrinks beyond belief in any kind of heat which makes it more work for me. If I had real nerves I would go for dreads. Seriously. Your spinning is lovely.