Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UFOs (Long and Pic Heavy)

Since I don’t have a large knitting stash or any knitting UFOs, my knitting friends think I’m very virtuous and/or disciplined.  Little do they know.
Monday my brother and a family friend installed cabinets in my sewing room.  Yes, I’m still working on putting that room back together.  It’s coming along slowly and I’m the reason.  I know it’s not going to  be perfect, but I’d like it look as if some thought were given to putting together, rather than my usual haphazard way of just putting stuff into a room and hoping it works!
At first I thought I wanted open shelving, but then I realized that I hate seeing stuff on shelves and that from a purely aesthetic point of view I do prefer cabinets.  Then I realized that cabinets would be permanent.  And what about resale?  Then a giant slap upside my head! Prayerfully by the time resale is an issue, I’ll be dead. Let the kids worry about it! Of course price is always an issue with me, so I shopped around for the best price.   That let out the big box stores; they had what I wanted, but sheez the price.  At the reuse-it stores, I liked the price, but finding enough of similar cabinets that would work was a problem.  I thought I could get the size right and paint them all white.   No luck there.  I thought I’d found what I wanted on Craigslist, but I had to take the whole kitchen.  No thanks. 
Finally, my brother, who’s even cheaper (err thriftier) than I am suggested the place he gets his cabinets.  They are not the best cabinets, but they are sturdy, look good and work well. For the price I got a great set of cabinets.  Thanks baby bro!
Once installed, I started putting things away.  I started rounding up quilting UFOs.  I knew I had a couple, but boy!   Back in November 2009 I showed you my finished tops and quilts in progress.  Here’s the rest of the story.
I don’t make wall quilts; I don’t have the wall space.  Then too, I usually do traditional patchwork quilts and my decorating style (LOL!!) tends toward  contemporary ( yeah that’s the term).  Disregarding everything I just said, here are two wall quilts.
I found this embroidery card on sale.  It was supposed to be redwork, but I liked the taupe.  I didn’t remember that I’d gotten this far. I was planning to use the individual blocks in a valance in the sewing room. All I need to do is complete the mitered corners and the top is complete.  I think I even have the pattern I want to use to quilt it.

This one was made from scraps of African printed fabric, I didn't want to throw away.  I need to finish the remaining blocks.  I think there was a problem with the size of the remaining blocks.

This one was finished.  I washed it. One of the fabrics shredded and the whole top fell apart.  I took it apart then went and bought a baby gift! I need a blankie soon, maybe I can get it finished.

I have enough of the next 3 sets of blocks to make a quilt from each set of blocks.  These I got from an on-line swap:

Another on-line swap:

I used to belong to the North Star Quilt Guild.  I found these blocks in an antique shop.:

I have left over blocks from quilts I've made.

What's not included in the above pictures are class samples and other miscellaneous blocks.  I have two sets of pieces of blocks for two other quilts - A NewYork Beauty:

and Nosegay:

I also found this.   I have no clue what this is, I don't recognize the fabrics and have no recollection of ever working on it.  But there are enough pieces to do something:

I also found this.  It was in my grandmother's scrap bag.  No clue what I'll do with it, but I'm keeping it:

And everything on the top shelf of this cabinet belonged to my aunt. She was a fantastic crocheter.  On the far right are enough crocheted blocks for a twin sized bed, the beginng of a tablecloth, a couple of doilys and the beginning of an Irish Crochet bedspread. I just remembered an incomplete afghan I have upstars. She passed away over 13 years ago.  I have now become the guardian of other people's UFOs!

I'm still going through boxes and bags.  I'm praying that I don't find anything else.




Sheila said...

Oh yes honey you have many I have been trying to focus on quilting and each time I end up doing something else.

The cabinets are a good idea and it provides a neater look, which I would love to do. However, I think my guy will have a fit if he had to remove all the shelves he installed.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow ! What a nice post. I laughed hard at your delimma over the storage. Open versus cabinets, cheap (thrifty) versus cheaper. I'm with you in terms of the pricing. Sturdy is the most important factor anyway. -- All of the quilting is beautiful ! I mean I love all of it especially the little black angels. Very nice. Do show pics of whatever else you find !

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

If you collect half of the stuff I have in my'll be glad you can hide it in cabinets :o)..
I've been wanting cabinets for a while now to take stuff from under the table etc. :o) anyplace to get it out of my hands :o( I should have never downsized,
I'm still packing things in :o)..

Spinster Beth said...

Oh I love all the quilts-in-progress, especially the little dolls.

One of my late mother's UFOs was a very complex knitted blanket she had made to about lap-size. I binded it off and then I hung it on the wall, behind the head of my bed. You could always frame that unfinished bit your grandmother made and use it like art! :-)

What a treasure trove you found!

Beverly said...

I'm sure you'll get these put together. You have some beautiful quilts in progress.

Cabinets are an excellent idea. I have 2 wall units with cubies on top and large cabinets on the bottom and I love them.

Araignee said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one!
I keep telling myself that when I am dead and gone, my kids are going to be scratching their heads when they see all this stuff I never finished!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful sewing room, fully equipped with family history - Oh, and the family to make it happen. And I'm with you on resale - it won't be my problem :)