Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool - The Loot (Pic Heavy)

Looking back, I think I bought more this year, than I have previously.  I certainly bought more yarn!  All About Yarn had discounted yarns for $2 and $5 a skein!

13 Skeins Berocco Inca Gold - 80% percent Merino/20% Silk:

7 Skeins Boreale by St. Denis - 100% Wool

4 Skiens Lana Grossa Baby Kid - 60% Superkid Mohair/40% Microfiber

2 Skeins Nordique by St. Denis - 100% Wool

3 Skeins Creative Focus Linen by Nashua - 50% Cotton/50% Linen

6 Skeins Creative Focus Linen by Nashua - 50% Cotton/50% Linen

I also bought 6 skeins for gifts.  And since they're gifts they don't count as stash!

From Avalon Springs Farm - Gwenivere yarn, 100% Alpaca in the Nuts and Berries Colorway:

These were marked down to $5 per video tape.  Yes, I still have a VCR in my sewing room!

Elizabeth Zimmerman - Knitting Workshop and Knitting Around
Deb Mentz - Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax; Immersion Dyeing; and Blending Colors on the Drum Carder

New Needles - Siganture and ChiaoGoo.  The ChiaoGoo are already in use.

Lots of Fiber including some creamy merino to blend with some silk:

I didn't realize Baltimore County (where I live!) has a Wool Growers' Association:
Blackberry Fields Farm - 100% Leicester Longwool Roving

From Little "Barn:  Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk blend

From Wool of Wales - 100% English Leicester.  The shawls and things she had were absolutely gorgeous.  The plan is to spin laceweight yarn to make the Pax Tunisian Lace Shawl.

The only purchase I'm questioning are the dyes I bought.  They were on sale, so I can't return them.
I thought I was buying dye for wool, but these are for silk, cotton, linen and rayon.  I know I had the wool dyes in my hand, so I must have put those down and picked up these.  I'll probably sell them on Rav.

So that's it for MDSW 2012.  At the end of the day on Sunday, I told Harold, I was tired and shopped out, but I wasn't ready to go home.  It was a perfect weekend and I'm glad I had DH to share it with. Or maybe it was perfect because he was there.  Either way I'm a winner!




Araignee said...

I can't imagine how many trips back to the car you made. What a haul!!! I felt like you on Sunday, I just wanted to sit down and bask in all the wonderfulness. It was hard to get in the car and go home.

Beverly said...

I loved knitting with the St.Denis Nordique. I made a sweater for my mom using it and the textured showed beautifully and it has held up really well.

I love your MDSW haul.

Deb-VA said...

It was so great to see you again & you certainly took home a great haul!

Leigh said...

What a haul! Wow! Beautiful colors and I cheer the investment in the videos. I love EZ and Deb Mentz. Great choices.

Sharon said...

Ian and I would loved that wool show. You scored big time because you got the event and then all of that haul - mercy!

Spinster Beth said...

Great haul! I was frugal to the point of ridiculous this year, but I'm greatly enjoying seeing everyone's photos!

Caje said...

Thank you for your advice on my blog.
Yours reminds me of the '70's when my Mum would sit clicking during autumn evenings and we'd wake one morning to a jumper, the kind that would see at least 4 of her 7 kids through school.
Please keep it up.