Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quick Post!

This past weekend was the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show! What a blast, I'm so glad I went.  saw several frends and met some new ones.  I shoppped and shopped and shopped.  I DID NOT buy a fleece.  I was so tempted, but sanity prevailed.  I have at least 5 unwashed in my small shed.  Plus the ones I washed last year.  What I don't have is a drum carder.  I have hand cards which are great for class and small batches, but they are hard on my wrists.  But back to the festival.  I don't think it was as crowded in years past, but that could be because of the new layout that provided fewer vendors in any one area.  The Fire Marshall had concerns about the space, so the festival has expanded its use of its outdoor spaces.  DH went also and took pics, I'll post either later this afternoon or tomorrow. 



Araignee said...

SO happy you made it. I was looking for you!

Sharon said...

Should you ever decide to spring for a drum carder, I'd encourage you to look at the Patrick Green offerings. I bought the Deb Deluxe over a dozen years ago and have put it through its paces. I have processed fleeces, though it is labor intensive, and I've blended colors and also blended different fibers together. Put that in your pipe and smoke it - that's what my grandmother used to say when she meant for someone to think something over.