Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Thanks so much for your comments on my outfit in the last post.  Sexy and foxy - those kind of comments could go to a girls' head!

And speaking of head, yes, I did cut my hair.  At my last hair appointment I calculated the approximate number of hours I'd spent in the hairdressers in my lifetime.  2 - 4 hours every two weeks for let's say 40 years?  I decided no more.  It took forever for the perm to grow out, so I did braids in the interim and in February (March?) removed the braids, wacked off the remainder of the perm and have been natural ever since and I love it!   Since summer is coming I'm going to get it trimmed, but that will be my first visit in over a year and I'm considering going to my mothers' barber!

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend.  I know that Araignee is going, anyone else?  I keept telling myself that I don't need anything and I don't, but I still want to go.  I was able to pick up a mohair and an alpaca fleece in February, that I added to those already in my small shed.  Those increased the number of unwashed fleece to 4 I think.  I washed all of last years' bounty but one, and even though I only bought two fleece, I think she added an extra one. 

Surprisingly enough,  skirting and washing weren't as big a hassle as I thought they would be.  What's killing me is the carding.  I only have have hand cards but I'm in the market for a drum carder.  I'm really thinking about a motorized one.  I've been looking at the Brother, but they're revamping the design and have no idea when they will be available.  In the meantime there's a Louet for sale on Ravelry that I'm considering.  If I get it, I'll resell it to finance the purchase of the Brother.  Sound like a plan?  Of course if anyone has one they're getting rid of, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands!!  If you have one, which one?  What do you like or dislike about it?

But back to the festival.  I have no needs, but lots of wants.  A pair of Signature needles, a pair of ChiaGoo Lace needles, dye, bobbins for the Lendrum, some yarn for a couple of swaps I'm in and some merino.  I said merino.  Just some to play with, maybe blend with some silk I already have.  Oh,  I also want to visit the Yarn Barn and get some more prepared fiber to spin.  See why I don't need to go!!! 

To cure myself, I should go back into the sewing room, which houses a lot of my stuff.  I went into the closet Sunday and a bunch of stuff fell out.  Maybe if I spend some time cleaning up in there, it will cure me!  What do you think??

Thanks again for the comments.  I've reread them several times and they never fail to make me grin! 




Araignee said...

GO!!!!! It only comes around once a year. I sure don't need anything either but I know I would be kicking myself come Monday morning if I let it pass me by. Life is too short to miss buying fuzz stuff!

Beverly said...

i'm letting my hair go natural but it was fairly easy since I've been getting my hair cut shorter each time I went to the hairdresser.

I have a little perm left on the top but the rest is virgin hair.

Have a great time MD&SW!

Spinster Beth said...

I need nothing ... yet I too will be at Sheep and Wool. It would be too awful to not go!