Sunday, May 19, 2013

I know it's been a while, but...

There's been absolutely nothing blog worthy to write about.  I've done a couple of samples and hope to get around to putting up pics.  I did get to Sheep and Wool, but spent less than $100.  Being retired is not always fun.  A couple of emergencies have almost depleted the emergency savings account and rebuilding it is challenging.

So what you ask has brings me back to Blogland?  I read Erica B's post, then read the transcript of the CBS Sunday Morning program on how America has become a nation slobs and no one dresses up anymore.  I wanted to add my two cents and it'd didn't seem appropriate to comment on her blog.

You see, I agree.  My mother, sisters and I went to a Mother's Day Tea last Saturday; hats and gloves required. I had a ball.   I'm old enough to remember to hats and gloves, stockings with garter belts, shirts, ties and jackets.  I remember having three sets of clothes: school clothes, play clothes and church clothes.  I remember getting dressed up to go out to eat and the theater.  And I wonder how we got here.

Anything goes anywhere.  Very few people know what well fitting clothes are supposed to look like or how clothes are supposed to fit.  And shopping for clothing is a joke.  Everything is too short and vanity sizing is the norm.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my jeans as much as anyone, but I do believe that there's a time and place for them.  I like being comfortable, but there's nothing wrong with looking like I care about myself. Dress codes need to make a come back.  And while I like wearing hats and gloves, I'm not advocating they become mandatory again. 

When did it become okay to wear wrinkled, stained and dirty clothing? I don't mind belly buttons as much as I do butt cracks, but really both should be covered up.  I'm not advocating everyone look like a fashion plate but as a nation (and individually) we can do better. 

When did pajamas become outdoor wear, unless you were running out to get the paper?  I don't get it.  Are we Baby Boomers, responsible for all of it? 

It's not that difficult.  It doesn't take that much more time.  We can do better!




Araignee said...

So true! I have never seen so many people in the grocery store in their pj's. Seriously, what is up with that?

Spinster Beth said...

Hi Melodye ... thanks for the link to the article. I went back and read it, and wow! Your friend had 117 comments!

I went to Sheep and Wool too, but just bought a diz and some starfire. I have such a good stash, I didn't really need more!

Toni said...

Oh, I could not agree more! People going out in pajamas and slippers even--I'm all for comfortable, but I can't believe how many people show up to weddings in JEANS. I'm glad women no longer have to wear dresses all the time, but there has to be an option between Leave it to Beaver and slob. :)