Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I was recently afforded another teaching opportunity.  This time with kids at a local sewing school.  Harold and a friend shot the recent end-of-year fashion show and put me in touch with the owner.  She owns a gorgeous flax wheel, but doesn't know how to use it.

There are 12 kids in camp and we split them into 2 groups.  Yesterday and today I demonstrated spinning.  I gave a brief talk about spinning in general, fiber prep, spindle and wheel spinning.  Then the kids got a chance to do try.  Some gravitated to carding, others to the wheel and some to the spindles.  They all seemed to enjoy it.

Starting next week and for the rest of the summer, I'll teaching knitting and crocheting twice a week. I'm thinking knitted and crocheted bags or belts.  I'll be talking to Margaret today to finalize plans for next week.  Since I'm still at the Knitting Boutique my schedule is filling quite nicely at this point!

We've been working in the yard as usual.  I'm working to get to a yard that is as maintenance free as possible.  Loads of perennials and just a few annuals.  I'm just about ready to admit defeat.  As much as I love hostas, the deer love them more.  In previous years they gorged themselves all at once.  This year they eat a little every time.  Except at the mailbox.  Every single one is gone!

Have a good one! 



Spinster Beth said...

Hi Melodye, good to see you back again!

Araignee said...

Same here with the hostas. The deer are not shy about coming up to the house to eat them. I put some of my favorites in pots and put them up on the porch.