Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Tale of Two Nooks

     After I retired a bought a first generation Nook and absolutely loved it. 

      It was extremely portable, I could carry as many books as I wanted and could read several at a time.  I'd also injured my arms and I could hold it to read for long periods of time with no pain.

     Fast forward two and half years.  DH and I were in the market for tablets.  We were going to travel and didn't want to carry the laptop.  Barnes and Noble was heavily discounting their Nook HD+ tablets and even though B & N was getting out of the tablet business, they would continue to support them.  We bought two. We don't share our toys well.

       DH has not had one minute of problem with his!  Mine has been problematic from the beginning.  It would seize up for no apparent reason, not turn on, not turn off, refuse to charge, you name it.  Last night I finally got fed up.   I took it back earlier today and exchanged it with no problem.  B & N honored the warranty without question.  Melissa, the clerk, said it was obviously defective as it was so hot.  I took it off the charger this morning and it refused to turn off.  Let's see what happens now!

     In an can you believe it moment,DH is a computer nerd  professional who refuses to throw away any computer boxes  "in case we need to return it".  In the 15 years we've been married, we've not  returned anything, computer related or not.  Guess what?  I threw away the Nook boxes before Christmas when I was cleaning like a mad woman.  Sheesh, I'll never live this one down!!

   That's it from this side of the screen,



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Araignee said...

I keep my computer boxes too. I've never returned one either but it seems wrong to toss them. I think I even have some from computers I don't have anymore piled up in the stash room.