Sunday, February 2, 2014

Socks #2

     This is my first pair of socks.  Two at a time, toe-up.  I saw someone knitting socks like this and thought I can do that.  That was 2006.  I finished them the first time in 2007, then I tried to put them on.  I couldn't even get them on my feet.  I was so disgusted, I threw them in the sock drawer and that's where they stayed early January.  Every time I opened the drawer they would mock me.  I buried them under the other socks, no go.  Finally I put them in another drawer that I seldom opened.  A couple of years ago I leaned about a stretchy bind-off and realized it would work for the !@#$% socks. But the thought of picking up all those stitches on a size "0" needles, UGH! Finally I gritted my teeth, and just ripped both of them back, reknit a couple of rows and bound them off.  They fit well, feel great but I can't see making more anytime soon. 

These are "Diamante" and were in the Fall 2006 issue of Knitty, but they're also available on Ravelry.  I don't remember the yarn I used, but I bought it from Cloverhill, in Catonsville.  They're by Deb Barnhill and she graciously answered by questions that were all due to my inexperience.

That's it from this side of the screen.




elle3270 said...

Happy that you were able to fix your socks so you can wear them. They look warm. I love the color purple. I haven't made a pair of toe up yet. Guess that will go on my things to do in 2014.

Araignee said...

Congrats! I have not made a pair of toe ups yet myself. It's on the bucket list. I even have some yarn that I bought for the whole deal that has been laying in wait for years. One day..........

Toni said...

I think you get double points for tenacity! They look wonderful!