Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Belgium Bolero - Last FO for January 2014


      In November 2012 a woman came into the shop wearing this and was making more for Christmas gifts.  After talking to her, I realized that I had the pattern home. 
     This has been in time out for over a year and once I restarted it, I remembered  why.  I messed up buying the yarn.  I bought 2 of one weight and 1 of another weight.  I was unable to find a match for either weight.  I tried splitting the heavier weight into 2 plies, but it didn't work.  Once I remembered the problem, I was faced with two choices: frog or finish. I really wanted to wear this.  So channeling Tim Gunn, I had to "make it work".   I rummaged in the stash and found the black Encore.  I doubled it and it worked well.  I made one mistake. The collar is supposed to be  a 1 x 2 rib, but I continued the 2 x2 rib from the body,  By the time I realized it, I decided that done was better than perfect and finished it. 
     I'm looking forward to wearing it.  This winter has been brutal and layers are welcomed.  I tried to find this pattern on Ravelry as "Belgium Bolero" but didn't find it until I searched "Belgian Bolero". In my defense the pattern is named the former.  All it all it was relatively quick knit and I would have finished much earlier if I done as I tell the customers in the shop, CHECK THE LABEL!
      I really dislike making the same thing more than once, but I may do this one as my sister has asked for one and I do like it.  
     Please don't let this level of output this month impress you.  I picked the low hanging fruit.  There will be a lot fewer next month.   
That's all from this side of the screen.


Araignee said...

I was just thinking about writing a post about how much I loved my little shrug/bolero types things this winter. They are a perfect top layer on these cold days. They stay on better than a shawl and don't get in your way like a sweater.

Toni said...

Very nice!