Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is it for the month.  I've worked on this for just over a month.  It's not difficult it just requires the utmost concentration.  I usually stitch listening/watching TV.  The trick to this pattern is pay attention and if you think you've made a mistake stop and correct it then. Don't do as I did and try to correct it on the fly.  Some mistakes can be corrected, but stitch counts aren't one of them.  It's a well written pattern, the increases and decreases are ingenious.  The designer is an engineer and it shows in this pattern. I not sure I'm pleased with the beads, they don't appear to be sparkly enough, but I'm not redoing them. Details are on my Ravelry page.  The pic makes it appear more pink.  In reality in a deep burgundy.  This is sample for the shop, so I don't get to wear it for a while.  I may gift it, we'll see.


That's it from this side of the screen!