Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yarn Chicken

       The first time I heard Sharon V, from the Moms with Yarn Podcast and Bronx Knitter blog, make this comment, I knew exactly what she meant.  You know when you start a project and you're praying that you'll have enough yarn to finish even though you have less yarn than the project recommends.   Or daring the yarn to run out?
      I originally bought the Impressions yarn from Michaels to make this, but once I got it home there just weren't enough colors to really make the impact this project required.  I remember that I'd bought this Debbie Macomber yarn from this year's MDSW for another project that I frogged before I completed it.   But I didn't have enough of the yarn as called for in the pattern. Then I started rationalizing, I'd be using a larger hook since I crochet tightly and surely that would make a difference, wouldn't it?
       I finished (or so I thought) all of the squares using the variegated yarn in case I had to substitute something else.  I finished with several yards left and congratulated myself for being so smart.  This week I sat down to assemble the blocks.  What the !@#$% ? I'd forgotten the last round for the 4 round blocks. What was I thinking that day??? Pride goeth before a fall.  I used those few yards really praying I had enough because THE SHOWER IS SATURDAY and what am I going to do if there isn't enough yarn???? I bought it on clearance and none of the Ravelers that have this in their queue live anywhere near enough to go get it, even if they were willing to part with it.  I sweat bullets, working those last rounds trying to keep my gauge even.  I finished with 13" inches left.  Not enough left to do anything with.  Not even tie a bow.
       I introduce "Owl Obsession" or "Owl Madness" as I call it.  It's cute and I really hope they like it.  They have a "Winnie the Pooh" theme for the nursery and I hope this fits in.  If not, I might just bring it back home!


Araignee said...

They are crazy if they don't love it! It's adorable.

Sandra said...

How could they not like it. It is wonderful and beautifully made

Leigh said...

That is so cute!!!! Of course it fits a Winnie The Pooh theme! Too precious.