Monday, October 20, 2014

Finished Spinning Update

Remember this?  I soaked it and the thwacked the heck out of it and I love it!!!!  It softened and fluffed up considerably.  I'm not sure you can tell just looking at the pic. I can't wait to use it in something.  And since I have terrible case of startitis it could be any day now!

I've done really well with my finish or frog it pledge this year.  At this point Ionly have my aunt's two projects and one shawl left for my oldest daughter.  I have to have it finished by the 20th of next month so it's really the next one up.  It's a mystery shawl knit and I need to have quiet so I work on it  it first thing in the morning before it's TV 24/7.

I've never knit myself a sweater and it's what's really driving the startitis.  I loved this as soon as I saw it.  I'll be using a Cascade 220 that's it my stash and may swatch for it tonight.  I also have some Shetland that I received as a gift right after I started spinning.  I've spun enough for a sweater and found this recipe.  Depending on what's on TV tonight I may swatch this one as well.

Speaking of swatches I entered this into the Sistah spinners group on Ravelry.  It was a teaser contest to get us to use our handspun yarns.  I love this yarn so much and since there wasn't much of it, I decided to use it.  I'm really thinking of blocking it and framing it.  That's how much I love this yarn!

Believe it or not,  I'm going to start socks.  Long time readers know I don't do socks but I've been seeing hand knit socks everywhere  and in every podcast.  Since I always want to do what the "cool" kids are doing, I'm going to cast on for the Ugly Duckling Socks.  I bought the print years ago when a LYS went out of business.  I was buying yarn in Michaels for the summer camp and the black was in the clearance basket.  What's a cool kid wannabe to do?

We'll be traveling next week and the following week my sister has surgery. I now have lots of projects to keep me busy!




Araignee said...

I love my handspun swatches too. Mine are stuck away in a bin. Maybe I should frame mine too-or at least pin them on a bulletin board. I love looking at them plus it would remind me of the great yarn I have stashed away and forgotten.

Jacob Reed said...

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Leigh said...

Melodye! I came by to return the blog visit but see you haven't posted in awhile. I hope it's because you're busily knitting away on your first sweater!