Thursday, April 30, 2015

Finished Objects 2 - Pic Heavy

I saw this free shawl pattern in two shops in Myrtle Beach a couple of summers ago. One shop is gone, but Knit N' Purl is still going strong.  If I lived there it would be my LYS.  I don't know that there's a name.  The yarn is Hibiscus and I think I bought it at Lovely Yarns.  This is a great pattern to showcase a spectacular yarn.

I've never had time to block this shawl.  I've worn it almost every day since I finished it.  It's Sundry and the yarn label is downstairs.  This yarn never even made it into the stash.  I bought it on our last trip to Myrtle Beach with this project in mind.  The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn but this is lace weight yarn therefore, it's smaller than the original pattern.  I absolutely love this shawl.  It's lightweight but incredibly warm and is just perfect for those days when the house is just a little chilly but not chilly enough for the furnace or a fire. I'm already planning to make another one.

These are both asymmetrical shawls and I love them.  These are so easy to wear. I haven't worn Sundry outside of the house, but every time I wear the creamy pink one, I get loads of compliments.

One of my goals this year is to learn to use my knitting machine.  After a lot and I do mean a lot of practice, tears and utter frustration I was able to make these.  Our church has started a hat mission for the homeless and that's where these are headed.  You machine knit a blank, gather both ends and seam, leaving a small opening to turn them inside out.  It takes about an hour to make a blank and about 45 minutes to finish.  There is a steep learning curve for machine knitting and people in the MK group on Ravelry are making wonderful items. 

One thing I've found out being home is that my concentration is shot. Pain pills make me sleep and the pain makes me cranky, irritable and unable to think.  I made up a list of things I wanted to get done but since I can't concentrate, I've been sticking to simple things.  I completed the hats since I've been home.  As well as this one.  It was a one size fits all from Lion Brand, but I don't know of an adult with a head small enough to fit this one.  It's also destined for the charity bin,

For baby #2, I made these booties.  They are the cutest things I've seen in a long time and I
am finally glad to be able make these for a baby girl.  There's also a dress but because of the aforementioned brain fog is incomplete.  

One more post and that will be it for FOs!




Tanya said...

Great shawls and the booties are just adorable. Do you know where I can find the pattern for them. I hope your foot is feeling better. I've been in my boot for almost two weeks and it's driving me crazy. Hang in there and just keep knitting.

Araignee said...

Poor you. I totally get that cranky thing. My thumb made me INSANE for four months and it was nothing compared to what you are going through.
Love the finished things. Those booties are to die for. We've got grandbaby #2 on the way but he's a he-to-be so no frills happening here.
I am amazed by those hats. Machine knitting is so cool.

Faye Lewis said...

Get well real soon! Love your shawls.