Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished Objects - Pic Heavy

I think this is most of the things I finished while I was away from blogging.  I started this post and realized there were so many photos so there will be at least one more post.

We've had a couple of babies in the family since I've been away.  I made the owl blanket for the first one.  He was born in November and it was sooo cold. He was a tiny little thing and was way too small for his smallest snowsuit.  Aunt Mel and her sewing machines to the rescue.  This pattern is out of print and I'll have to link it later, since I'm upstairs and forbidden by Himself to go downstairs if he's not home.  I also made a little hat to go with the snowsuit.  Fabric is from JoAnn's.  Pattern and all notions from my stash.  Hat is here.

My mother was visiting in November and fell in love with my Holden, so I gave it to her.  My three sisters also wanted shawls.  In retrospect I think they probably wanted Holdens, but as slow as I knit they still wouldn't have them as the pattern uses fingering weight yarn.  All yarn is from stash and if they hadn't been given away, I'd wear any of them in a heartbeat.   LaLa's Simple Shawl, Gallatin and Lonely Tree Shawl respectively.

These were both shop samples and both classes did go!  The blue and gray top(Three Season Top) is from  Berocco Vintage; the cream (Ada) is from Severn by The Knitting Boutique.

At shop we get several requests for Crochet Block of the Month Clubs. We ask for suggestions for blocks, but we get the same response, "I just want to learn new stitches."  These blocks were for that series.  These are from various stitch dictionaries.

In January I was asked to teach a beginning knitting class at a local sewing school.  I didn't have any samples.  In the first class we made the dish/face cloth.  In the second class we learned to cast on and in each succeeding class we added a new stitch pattern.  The hat was an extra pattern in case we finished early (we didn't) or the students were motivated to work on their own (they were).

That's it for now!!




Araignee said...

Busy, busy, busy....all that lacy stuff is spectacular. Listen to Himself and stay put. Better safe then sorry! Sending you healing vibes.....

elns said...

whoa, that IS a lot of finished objects. Very nice! I love the shawl work in particular, but really, impressive all the way around :)

The crochet squares are darling. I think you yarns chosen really show off the stitches as well as bring a cohesiveness to how you could work the squares together!

Tee said...

Love that Ravens snowsuit!!!!

Sheila said...

You were on a roll... pretty projects.